MSI add support for Intel Kaby Lake motherboards

MSI has announced that all its base with Intel chipset 100 Series will be fully compatible with the next generation Intel Kaby Lake socket LGA 1151 with a simple BIOS update is now available from the download section of the website of the manufacturer .

With this BIOS update users can upgrade their platform to the next Kaby Lake Intel, more efficient and powerful than today, without having to change motherboard or RAM. In addition, the BIOS update is really very simple and can be done from Windows thanks to the Live Update software. You have a fairly clear instructions on how to do this method on the web MSI support.

To download the corresponding product to your motherboard BIOS, you must access the website and select “Downloads and manuals”. Then You select the motherboard category, the (Intel or AMD) platform, the socket (in this case would be 1151), the chipset and finally the motherboard model. Currently the update that adds support for Kaby Lake is not available for all models, but will be in a few days it will gradually adding.

Download MSI

Here is the complete list of motherboards that by the aforementioned BIOS update, be compatible with the upcoming Intel processors we show Kaby Lake. In the list, as you will see, it includes all base plates MSI socket 1151, including the Z170, H110 B150 and chipsets.

MSI list

In theory Kaby Lake processors begin to hit stores rather than later, then remember that were announced for the third quarter just ended. The Core i7-7700K will be the head of a “standard” segment, followed by the Core i5-7600K. We recommend you see the article where all the new family of processors detail if you are interested in learning more.

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