MSI GT80 Skylake

notebooks dedicated to games has been going through many challenges: aggregate performance, improve battery life and offer more features for gamers who seek mobility.
These are crucial points that MSI has taken into account when designing their products, something we’ve noticed when we tested the GT 72 Dominator and the GE 60 Apache.

The MSI GT80 Titan follows these assumptions and mainly stands out for higher setting and a unique point: the presence of a mechanical keyboard Cherry MX keys!
Inside, Core i7 processor, two graphics units GTX 980m in SLI, up to 4 SSDs (which can be configured in Super RAID 3), 32 GB of DDR3 RAM (or up to 64 GB DDR4), 16 GB of video memory, Blu-ray and the latest technologies! It’s good for you?

The notebook MSI GT80 Titan brings this and more for enthusiasts seeking the highest performance, while the question of side mobility. We spent a few days enjoying the full potential of the machine. Do we have a new champion in the area?

Design is not strong
MSI has always stood out with their notebooks with bold visuals, but this model is a bit too shocking. In fact, the phone’s design is quite different from almost everything you’ve seen and you can not say he is the most beautiful category.

The cover is similar to the GT72 and GE 60, bringing a relief that highlights the curves and makes the daring look. The sides are very thick, but were properly designed according to the arrangement of the elements that are inside the product.
The great visual shock is inside, which does not follow a standard of beauty. The mechanical keyboard runs off rather than we see in other models gamer segment. It is positioned on the edge of the notebook, along with the touchpad unconventional.

Another thing that gets a bit odd is the metal plate that bears the logo of the Dragon MSI. I mean, the dragon until it is cool, but the empty space gives the feeling that something is missing. Obviously, this part of the notebook is designed to be able to put all the pieces inside the unit and also to give more comfort to the player.
If the pieces stay on the edge of the notebook, the player would have to put his arms over this metal part where are located the processor and graphics chips, for example. The major drawback, in a hypothetical situation like that, is that the parts working in high temperatures and would disturb a little time to enjoy the games.
Otherwise, the mechanical keyboard has very high keys, making it impossible to put pieces in this region. In the end, our conclusion at this point is very simple: the look of the GT80 is due to a structural decision, and there would be another smart way to provide comfort and performance without sacrificing product design.

Fortunately, the large size of the product compensated at another point: the inclusion of a big screen of 18 inches. It takes up very well the available space and ensures pleasant gaming (we will comment more about the display later). Anyway, the look is a little strange at first, but the results in the games make up!
Mechanical keyboard and touchpad different

Leaving aesthetic issues aside, we should focus on one important point: the mechanical keyboard so desired by gamers who wanted to always carry their notebooks everywhere and wanted to get great gameplay without having to carry the device.
The keyboard from SteelSeries is a show in every way. The keys backlit in red (no option to change colors) Cherry MX Brown switches bring. In practice, this means that they are very quiet and responsive in various situations.

The keys are easy to press, providing high accuracy and provide some level of pressure, which results in better control in the games. The layout is the same pattern that we have on keyboards aimed at desktops, so it’s easy to get used to. In the version we tested, the keyboard was the Spanish type, but it does not hurt at all.
The keyboard is perfect, but the touchpad is not those things. He has a very different format and is small for the games. The way is to use an external mouse. One cool thing is that the touchpad also serves as a numeric keypad, plus a bright idea MSI.

Full HD screen and system Dynaudio

To deliver all the quality of the games, the MSI bet on an eighteen-inch big screen with full HD resolution. The color display is excellent and the brightness level as well. The unit we tested had no GSYNC technology, but MSI informed us that there are models with this technology.
Despite the lack of this feature, we had no major problems of screen tearing, since the hardware is competent and can handle very well the games with high frame rates. For those who are not satisfied with this screen size, you can still connect more monitors on DisplayPort and HDMI outputs.

To match the big screen, MSI put a Dynaudio sound system, which is simply devastating. It comes with subwoofer and produces a sonzeira! It is a perfect audio system for games, videos and music! The sound produced by the speakers involves the player, thanks to the Sound Blaster Cinema 2 sound chip.

All this outside of the product is excellent, but let’s get to what really matters: the hardware. According to MSI, the new models of the GT80 TITAN can be equipped with Intel Core i7 Skylake chip, up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory and other top components.
The machine we tested did not bring size firepower, but was still far above expectations. Inside the unit had Intel Core i7 chip -4720, two video cards in SLI GTX 980m with 16 GB of video memory, plus 16GB of RAM (DDR3 type), SSD 500GB and even a hard disk 1 TB.

In our findings, these components were extremely efficient. We had no problem in using the system and applications or time to run the games. Temperatures were in line with expectations
This demonstrates setting wheel any game, with the highest graphical quality filters, Full HD with perfect visual, fluidly, with love. This is the maximum performance we’ve seen in a notebook.
Want to run Metal Gear Solid V? You can. GTA V want to run? Just give the play. From what we have seen, the performance in some games (especially when SLI is compatible and actually used) is almost double that of a GTX 980m, which is impressive. The MSI GT80 TITAN rolled all smooth and even when it was far from the outlet.

I’m finding little? If this is not enough, you can open the product cover and install more memory, add other SSDs and even change the graphics chips. Cool huh? Do not even change the NVIDIA chips because they are already the most tops, but if you buy the simplest version of the notebook, it already thinking about the upgrade.
Performance tests

Low energy performance

Despite being powerful and perfect for gaming, gamer notebook GT80 TITAN has a problem. With so much firepower, it is clear that the battery would not last long. For it, the PowerMark gave less than one hour and twenty minutes. In practice, this note only rolled games for 50 minutes.
The worst is that all this configuration and structure weigh much: the GT80 TITAN is 4.5 kg. It is not a machine to be carrying everywhere, but you can take to a friend’s house or that smart tournament CS – or any absurdly heavy game.

I thought the MSI GT72 was the most robust notebook in the world, but that’s because we had not known the GT80 TITAN. The new gamer laptop from MSI is the dream of every enthusiast. The model we tested was not top notch, but the performance was more than satisfactory.

However, for the well-heeled gamers who are thinking of buying a new laptop, the MSI promises to launch a product further updated in December. The GT80 TITAN top of the line will have Intel Core i7 processor Skylake, 32GB of RAM, 4 GB SSDs 128, display with GSYNC and two cards in SLI GTX 980m.
The price of this toy? According to MSI, the version of the GT80 which will arrive in Brazil will cost US $ 21,900. Found salty? Well, we have to argue about this issue. First, however, worth mentioning that last month, MSI tried to sell a simpler model that brought two plates GTX 965M and cost R $ 14 thousand. All units have been sold in less than a week!

That said, we can only praise the MSI. The price may be absurd for many players, but it is a reasonable value for the maximum of technology in a notebook gamer. Taking the issue of weight and battery life, this laptop is perfect for enthusiasts.

The games run like you’re playing on a desktop with an extreme performance graphics card. All additional potential hardware and even the mechanical keyboard are reasons for the price, especially for being a unique configuration of MSI.

So if you have 22,000 real left and want the line gamer notebook top of Brazil, we think it is worth investing this amount in GT80 TITAN, especially because you can update parts in the future. This is yet another notebook only for those who can and have much money to invest in games.

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