New NZXT S340 Elite

NZXT today announces its Elite S340, the S340 more refined and elegant, while also announcing its new Internal USB Hub. Both solutions are the logical evolution that already has two components manufacturer in the market and come to update adding greater functionality and ease of use for users, both features that have always been present in NZXT designs.

The new box NZXT S340 Elite extends the renowned durability of the previous model S340 and improves the gaming experience in computers including additional connectivity in the box. The S340 Elite has a side panel of tempered glass to display mounts with a clarity that takes your breath away, as well as a panel of IO optimized with HDMI port and additional USB ports to enhance experiences in virtual reality and your users do not have to resorting to connect the cables on the back of the box. In addition, the magnetic hook on the side of the box and used for cable management, can easily hang headphones or virtual reality helmets and have them always at hand for use when needed.


The new NZXT S340 Elite has been developed to be compatible with motherboards mini size ITX, micro ATX and traditional ATX which can be installed sinks for the processor to 161 mm of height, or a liquid cooling system with radiators 120, 240 or 280 mm, which can be assembled both on the front (maximum 280 mm), upper (maximum 140 mm) or less (up to 120 mm). The maximum size of graphics card if radiator in the front is 364 mm, whereas if a radiator employ this length is reduced to 334 mm. As for storage, the box supports 2 + 1 units of 3.5 “and 3 + 1 2.5” drives.

USB 2.0 connectors 5, the Internal USB Hub easily supports all recent liquid coolings, drivers for fans and lighting fixtures. Three 2.0 internal connectors provide support for devices managed by CAM, including Kraken, the GRID + and HUE +. Two external connectors 2.0 make it a cinch to add wireless receivers to keyboards and Wi-Fi devices, thus freeing other ports that would normally be occupied. Thanks to its compact design and its magnetic body, internal USB Hub can be hidden from view. Straps included cable management provide the means to maintain clean and organized assembly. Moreover, a Molex dedicated cable ensures sufficient power to devices connected at all times is provided.

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