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“The different ranges of Acer products designed for Windows 10, are ready to show their value to our customers, in all the solutions available,” said Emmanuel Fromont, Acer Country Manager Italy, Israel and Greece. “We are confident that customers who bought, or plan to buy a PC in 2015 will update your system to Windows 10 without any problem. ”
“It is fantastic to see Acer continue to deliver innovation with the full range of their Windows devices,” said Peter Han, VP Worldwide Marketing OEM Microsoft. “Come on devices with Windows 10 to Windows integrated with those wearable, Acer is able to offer our customers a great experience with Windows 10 any device.”

Acer has been certified Skype for Business for its range of consumer and professional notebook through careful tuning of the hardware and software to function without any problem, an audio and visual experience optimized. The Skype certified devices undergo a strict certification process to ensure that the voice is perfect and without delays or interruptions, the sound is reproduced in a realistic, video and accurately.
Some hardware / software may have limitations and the availability of features may vary by device. The devices must be connected to the Internet and have Windows Update enabled. The Internet Service Provider can add additional costs. The company reserves the right to charge additional fees for the service provided to customers who decide to contact an Acer support for upgrade. The offer of free upgrade is only valid during the first year of availability of Windows 10. For a complete list of products with certified Skype for Business visit this page.
Notebooks with Acer Purified Voice have shown in laboratory tests improved accuracy in voice playback with a noisy background environment (vacuum cleaner running), with scores also 1.5 times faster than without the Skype certification.

“Acer has made significant investments to deliver an exceptional experience to customers through its portfolio of products. They made a fantastic optimization of audio and voice, so that the experience is pleasant with Cortana and functions very well,” said Peter Han , VP Worldwide Marketing OEM Microsoft. “From the products created for Windows 10 in those wearable, Acer is able to offer a great experience with any device. They will all be able to integrate well to offer a unique experience with Windows 10 to our customers.”

Acer has implemented the Precision Touchpad (PTP) on its consumer notebook and professional, allowing Windows unified user experience across the touchpad and the touchscreen, supporting the gesture with the touchpad in a manner consistent with those of a touchscreen display. Greater accuracy is achieved through higher resolution and hardware to support system of the palm, while the quality and additional features are immediately available without the need for any driver and being able to adjust the settings easily via the Windows Control Panel

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