Nvidia Quadro P6000 GPU GP100

Nvidia also very active on the professional segment, today introduced two new graphics cards of the Quadro line. These are products based architecture Pascal, more precisely of the P6000 and P5000 models, respectively, 24 and 16 GB of video memory.

The Quadro P6000 uses the powerful GP100, with 3840 Cuda Core (same chip Tesla P100) and 24 GB of memory GDDR5X, probably with a 384-bit bus; no details at the moment on the type of PCI-E connectors, while for those videos we will have 4 Display port and DVI.
Nvidia Quadro P6000 GPU GP100
Together with the P6000, the Californian company presents Quadro P5000, based instead on GP104 GPU and equipped with 2560 Cuda plus GDDR5X 16GB. The video connector configuration is identical.

According to Nvidia, the new “Pascal” Framework can handle four 5K monitor at 60 Hz, in addition to 4K and 8K flows 120/240 Hz to 30 Hz; the availability is waiting for October, no word at the time as regards the list prices.

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