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Today, Nvidia launches its new Titan X graphics card aimed at enthusiasts and professional market. you must not confuse this card that came out last year, the Geforce GTX Titan X, which was the core Maxwell since the last Titan X takes the Pascal architecture inside. And, although it still can not be bought in stores in Spain, we will leave a link within the article to the store Nvidia so that you may buy.

The new Nvidia Titan X is one and many things at once. Nvidia calls it the best graphics card but not any graphics card. The Titan X graphics card is the fastest games available today, the best card for deep learning available and also the fastest professional card available in your price range. Titan X series cards have been marketed primarily as a prosumer series, since they are aimed at consumers and professionals. This is one of the reasons why Nvidia been removed suffix “Geforce GTX” new Titan X.

Nvidia Titan X 2

Nvidia Titan X 3

Nvidia Titan X

Nvidia Titan X Pascal 01

Numbers count these cards are a leap beyond what we have seen in any available to the consumer of street card with the core that is capable of reaching the 11 TFLOPs single precision and 44 TOPs INT8 calculations (New Deep Learning Instructions). The core Nvidia GP104 is very close to that is mounted to the X Titan with its 9 TFLOPs of computing power and about 10 TFLOPs when you are done OC. The Titan X is said to boost comes with around 1.8 GHz in most workloads so 12 TFLOPs on this card would not be difficult to achieve in configurations stock.

Nvidia Titan X 2016 PCB

The Nvidia Titan X has 12GB of GDDR5X that is operating at 10 Gb / s, and offers 480 GB / s, which is almost the same amount that was capable of delivering HBM1 (512 GB / s). We can see that the new graphics memory HBM2 is still not widely available for use in cards, but it is clear that the GDDR5X can supply all the bandwidth needed to feed the graphics core. Nvidia is already using the memory G5x in its core GP102 with Quadro P6000 offers up to 24 GB of memory G5x. The P100 Tesla, on the other hand, has 16 GB of memory HBM2.

As we mentioned at the beginning, not the new Titan X can currently buy in physical stores in Spain, but in the Nvidia web store for our country, if you follow the link below. The price of one of these plots is 1,310 €.

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