The HDK 2 features specifically designed lenses to provide clearer and more vibrant images, and a dual-display OLED low persistence 90Hz with resolution 2160 x 1200 pixels. IQE also leverages an exclusive technology (Image Quality Enhancer) which reduces the ‘screen door’ effect. Capable of offering a virtual reality at 90 frames per second, specific engine dell’HDK 2 are comparable to those of the best currently available virtual reality viewers. Unlike the other Head Mounted Display to market, the HDK 2 will be available from July at a price of $ 399. The HDK 1.4 will continue to be on sale at a cost of $ 299.



“The HDK 2 enables us on the one hand to meet the needs of players and virtual reality enthusiasts, and secondly to provide developers an open source hardware competitively priced with which to innovate,” says Christopher Mitchel, OSVR Lead Razer . “With the HDK 2 that will be able to offer a visual experience on par with the industry leaders, we will be able to better represent the media and virtual reality games not tied to a specific hardware, for future viewers can be used by the ecosystem open source “.
“We intend to make the virtual reality accessible to everyone, offering hardware and software solutions, high-performance, open and competitive cost, compatible with the vast majority of gaming devices and motors,” says Yuval Boger, CEO and co-founder of Sensics OSVR. “Thanks to the contribution of engineers and Sensics Razer team, the participation of the partners and the contribution of virtual reality enthusiasts around the world, we look forward to sharing exciting new capabilities.”
Razer OSVR HDK 2
gloves will also be available for motion tracking Gloveone Neurodigital Technologies. As announced, the gloves will be available as optional controller for the HDK and for all the head-mounted display that support OSVR opened in the ecosystem. The content available on the demo include:
Redout of 34BigThings: redout is the fastest racing game futuristic AG, with which we run at breakneck speed in “low poly” paths of a post-apocalyptic Earth!
Theme Park Studio Pantera Entertainment: Theme Park Studio is a powerful suite of tools that allows players to design and create beautiful parks from their projects.
The Hum: Abductions of Totwise Studios The Hum: Abductions is a first-person horror game inspired by the theme of alien abduction, with a well-constructed story, realistic graphics and VR support.
Infinite Project Gateway VR Studios GmbH: Infinite is an exploration game that will be released in 5 episodes. Riley, the protagonist, seeks his way home after being precipitated in an unknown planet.
A-10 Futuretown Inc: A-10 VR is a revival of a classic sci-fi shooter.
And others. Both HDK support a wide range of content platforms – including SteamVR.

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