Palit Geforce GTX 1060 JetStream

Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer, releases the latest venture of the Pascal architecture in 1060. Geforce GTX series With the new and innovative technologies that Nvidia has included to increase the enjoyment of the new games, the Palit Geforce 1060 GTX it will become the perfect choice for the latest and most demanding games in high definition.

The Palit GeForce 1060 GTX Super JetStream 6GB has 1280 shader cores and shipped from the factory with a clock speed of 1847 MHz Boost and 8 GHz in its memory clock. The new GeForce 1060 GTX series 6GB delivers performance that is three times higher in applications and virtual reality games that offered graphics cards of the previous generation that moved in the same arch prices. JetStream equipped with a refrigerator and a design optimized tremendously product, Palit JetStream 1060 GTX series offers the best graphics and greatly improves the acoustics of personal computers will not have to suffer the constant chirping of poor quality sinks.

Palit Geforce GTX JetStream 01

By adding the function RGB LED lighting Palit Geforce GTX the 1060 JetStream 6GB, lighting color RGB LED can be programmed to change color according to the temperature is reaching the graphics core at the same time. Players can choose between 16.8 million colors to suit your own style and preferences. Also with the backplate to provide a better graphics card protection and avoid any physical impact that might affect the surface of the printed circuit board, which is especially important for the back that is always exposed. Dual BIOS feature activates the protection mechanism when an error occurs in one of the vBIOS, which allows the graphics card is functional again in case of system failure without fear that is completely useless. With 0 dB-Tech technology, the graph turns off the fans while the user is carrying a load of more general, such as surfing the Internet or using multimedia applications work. 0 dB This feature is also available for Palit Geforce 1060 GTX dual version.

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