Panasonic TX-DX800

In February this year Panasonic introduced a new television that became part of the high-end UHD TV company, highlighting among others by its unique design. A TV that can be found in 50 and 58 inches and that, in addition to its design, wants to surprise with a screen with 4K Pro, HDR, THX certification technology and an integrated sound bar that will give us power 40W. According to the company, several designers from around the world worked on the design of the Panasonic TX-DX800, in order to achieve that, besides offering the best picture quality, it seems a work of art. Have they succeeded? Let’s review what we can offer the Panasonic TX-DX800.

Designed to look like a work of art
Panasonic speaks of freestyle design when it comes to Panasonic TX-DX800. A design that integrates elegantly throughout the house as one more element, or at least so say the various interior designers who have participated in the project. This TV has a beveled aluminum frame very thin around the screen, with the company logo screen-printed on the bottom of the frame, as is usual in TVs of the brand. But what really catches the attention of this TV is its base. Panasonic has used a base ridged showing the screen like the canvas of a painting, and the use of materials with a leather-like touch. At the bottom of this design are a sound bar in silver that is integrated to form a very attractive set visually.


Panasonic TX-DX800

A movie image
In addition to an elegant design, which may or may not materialize in the audience, Panasonic has always been focused on providing the best possible picture quality on their TV. And we do not expect less from one of the kings in image quality of the “old” plasma televisions. The company engineers have wanted to bring home a film similar to the experience, trying to faithfully reproduce the images to be viewed as the first conceived. This could not have used the professional 4K processor Studio Master HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience), treatment technology Studio Master Colour color and increased brightness of the panels. This set of technologies have called 4K Pro. In addition, to help achieve the most realistic colors possible, the Panasonic TX-DX800 incorporates the advanced Cinema Display, able to reproduce deep blacks, intense glare and a wide range of colors will add a great level of detail and intensity to every scene.

On the other hand, the Studio Master Processor 4K processor is enabled to be compatible with content playback HDR (High Dynamic Range) upon completion Native appropriate standards. The HDR technology combines the contents specifically created with screens that have a brightness and richness of color superior to provide a much wider range than any traditional television luminance. This processor optimizes the performance of each picture element individually, and also manages carefully how they combine to function, thus improving the treatment of color, contrast and brightness of images. Not surprisingly, the panel of the Panasonic TX-DX800 has achieved THX certification, a title only get TVs that exceed 400 tests that are subject to review if they meet the strict standards of performance and image quality imposed by the study of George Lucas.

Panasonic TX-DX800

Sound powerful and smart tv with Firefox
Panasonic has also concerned that users who choose to purchase a Panasonic TX-DX800 get a sound to image height. For it has been included in the design a thin sound bar that offers a maximum power of 40W. Inside it consists of two tweeters six woofers and two passive radiators offering an excess of power and a clean sound with low blunt one.

Panasonic includes operating system for some time Firefox OS on their televisions. This platform highlights to add an extra simplicity to the Smart TV systems, whose management can be confusing at times. Firefox OS has three standard options for “quick access” to live TV, Apps screen and another screen connected personal devices. We can find the most common application such as Netflix or YouTube, and, according to the company, by the end of this year is provided a system upgrade that will provide the ability to install web applications on the TV. The new version will feature optimized for Web TV Web applications (games, news, VOD, etc.) and will include the feature “send to TV” to easily share web content from the Firefox browser for Android.

Panasonic TX-DX800

We end our analysis with different connectivity options including Panasonic TX-DX800. We found 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2, 3 USB ports (one USB 3.0), Ethernet port, optical digital audio output, jack 3.5mm port for headphones and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Panasonic TX-DX800 is already on sale with a price of around 1,900 euros for the 50-inch model and 2,500 euros for the model with 58 inches.

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