Phanteks GTX 1080

Phanteks has unveiled its first water blocks specifically designed for the recently launched NVIDIA GeForce 1080 GTX. LED lighting in three colors, these new water blocks are integrated with any standard custom liquid cooling in order to get the best cooling performance, with a touch of color added.

The water block, reference number PH-GB1080-X, is designed specifically for the reference model (Founders Edition) of the NVIDIA GeForce 1080 GTX. It is made of nickel-plated copper to ensure the best heat transfer and has a “window” acrylic plastic on the channels of coolant so that the user can see the liquid circulating (and, if you use dyes in the liquid, see color thereof in water block itself).


Not that the GTX 1080 NVIDIA are some graphics that are too hot, but for those users who already have a safe liquid cooling system custom that comes well to have water blocks that allow integration into your existing systems . Beware though, because the compatibility of the block as specified Phanteks is only with the (Founders Edition) NVIDIA reference, although it is true that it should also be with these graphs that share the same layout and design of PCB (but compatibility will not be secured at the time).

Phanteks GTX 1080 2

As we said, this water block Phanteks incorporates LED lighting in three colors (green, red and blue) to provide the system with a touch of color, while it is compatible with any liquid cooling system custom with standard tubes (also it comes with an adapter in the inlet fitting to adapt to different pipe diameters).

These new blocks water Phanteks should reach stores rather than later (according to the manufacturer are already available, but you know they say that when they begin to send to suppliers without the time it takes for the material to arrive and it takes them to update their catalogs) at a recommended price of $ 129.99

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