PlayStation VR Release Date

A few days after the arrival of E3 2016 edition, the event at the top in the list of fans of video games, independent study Penny Black was announced to be working on a game designed specifically for the PlayStation 4 with VR technology.

PlayStation VR

“How We Soar is a flying experience that gives you the chance to climb into the back of a beautiful phoenix and explore an enchanting world using the controller to hold the reins, you will find yourself riding the mythical creature and you can check it at your leisure . The phoenix can fly at great speed and will make you live VR really exciting experience, while sfreccerete around the game world. Or, you can take it easy and enjoy the scenery, “said a spokesman.

This makes us think that Sony could then launch a controller created specifically for PlayStation VR, rumors speak of a “bionic glove” can cover the entire surface of the hand and provide endless possibilities for action, a more realistic experience never. But as we said, we are only rumors.

What is certain however is that PlayStation VR will be available from October 2016 as an accessory for the PlayStation 4; during an interview with the Sony team, experts have explained how the shares consoles various internal components of the PC and that it is conceivable in the future that we can work to allow even those who did not have a console to choose PlayStation VR as a viewer.

The bitter truth is that if you’ve never tried a viewer for virtual reality can only imagine what we’re talking about; the experience must be lived in first person, but maybe not enough rivers of trailers and videos with third-party experiences to convince us to make an investment.

I am convinced that the joy that derives from owning one is absolutely equal to the expectations, but it would still enjoyed being able to “touch” the product before deciding to purchase.

Insiders are beginning to understand and in fact HTC Vive will be available for anyone who wanted to try it out in dozens of locations, but unfortunately only for US citizens.

GameStop also aims to offer virtual experiences to all those who want to try PlayStation VR, from June to December, hundreds of stores and in various locations within the store. sin have not specified where.

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