Plextor SSD EX1 USB 3.1 Type-C

Plextor has announced the new addition to its catalog, the new generation of ultra-light, small, high-performance EX1 external SSDs. With a weight of only 30 grams and small dimensions, these new external SSDs benefit from the performance of the USB 3.1 interface with Type-C connector to provide performance similar to that of a high-end SATA3 SSD.

And is that according to Plextor its new EX1 devices are able to provide up to 550 MB / s of read and 500 MB / s write, certainly to the height of high-end SATA 3 internal SSDs if these theoretical values ​​are true in real terms . Plextor has used NAND TLC memory chips manufactured by SK Hynix with its 16 nanometer manufacturing process, a process that allows these chips to provide high density, performance and very low power consumption. Also, the manufacturer has made use of a controller manufactured by SMI although they have not specified the exact model.

In terms of design, it should be noted its small size and weight, in addition to its external aluminum housing that closely resembles Apple-made devices. Thanks to its USB 3.1 Type-C interface, it is compatible with all new generation devices such as MacBook, new MacBook Pro and of course any new generation system (since all modern boards already have USB Type- C).


But there is a more important fact about this, is that this USB 3.1 Type-C connector is compatible with OTG technology, which means that we can use it to connect directly to a mobile phone that has this type of connector ( Which also have to be said more and more) to use it both as an additional storage medium (where to put our photos and videos for example) and directly to view multimedia content without having to copy it to the terminal.

Plextor has announced that the new EX1 family will be available in stores later this month in capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB, but have not said anything about the price.

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