Razer Blade Pro

Gaming peripherals specialist Razer has announced the launch of its new top-end laptop, the Razer Blade Pro, a laptop with which, according to the manufacturer, we will have the full power of a desktop computer anywhere. Then you talk about your hardware truly is high end but would be worth paying 4,199 euros Razer asking for him?

Let’s start talking about your hardware and finally make an assessment. The new Blade Pro equipped with an Intel Core i7-6700HQ, notebook processor processor (when you know that for some time many portable integrated processor desktop computer) with a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 8 GB GDDR5X in this if that’s desktop.

This is accompanied by 32 GB DDR4 RAM memory to 2133 MHz, and a RAID 0 two PCI-Express M.2 disks 256 GB (512 GB in total) in its most basic configuration, can have up to 2 TB (two discs 1 TB) in the top model. Of course performance is not going to miss, although that processor will do, insurance bottleneck. This hardware is accompanied by a 17.3-inch display IGZO matrix with G-Sync technology and Ultra HD resolution.



In addition, the new Blade Pro is the first notebook Razer offers a mechanical keyboard with low profile keys for users is not missed that high-end mechanical keyboard of your desktop. Each switch needs 65g actuation force and gives the tactile sensation of any mechanical keyboard. In addition, both the keyboard and trackpad are compatible with Chroma multicolor technology manufacturer.

Regarding the design must speak for Razer, because if usual on a laptop Gaming of these features is that it is quite large and heavy (we usually categorized as mobile station rather than laptop games), the Blade Pro measures just 0.88 inches thick and weighs less than 3 kg, so we are truly to a portable Gaming with all of the law.

However, the price of this new team top end of the 4,199 euros, a price that is extremely high for us as much as having a desktop 1080 GTX and two PCI-Express M.2 drives in RAID 0, if we stick to this computer hardware should not cost more than 2,500 euros. Now there each with what you do with your money, right?

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