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Jide Remix OS is an operating system based on Android, although the latter has the look and some features of a desktop OS. Runs on various tablet, Mini PCs, notebooks and motherboards and almost a year can be downloaded by anyone who wants to use it on PC with Intel or AMD processors APU. But for those who have no desire to change operating system or install a dual-boot on your computer, Jide has released OS Remix Player that will run Android applications on Windows. Mac support is coming.

In practice, without having to resort to a new operating system, the user can use their favorite apps, games and other software for Android directly to your PC or Mac by starting this new “emulator”. Remix OS Player is free: just download and run the .exe file to begin.
The advantage of using the emulator is clear: Remix OS Player has the same characteristics Remix OS, then a fully functional version of Android and custom, with the only difference that will run as a desktop application and will therefore not be necessary to restart your computer to “enter” in the environment of the green robot. In addition, all the Android apps that already run smoothly on Remix OS for PC will also work on OS Remix Player, so you can play games, chat, surf the Internet, work and play as on any device with Android. Jide has pre-installed the Play Store, but it is not enabled by defaut: before you can access to thousands of apps and games on Google Store, you must run the app Play Activator.

Jide is not the first company to come up with an Android emulator for PC since BlueStacks, Genymotion, Andy and AMIDuOS offer similar software for a few years, but the strength of Remix OS Player is its “likeness” to a desktop OS with multi-media windows, the taskbar and start menu.

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