Robot Donkey E1

Surely many of you may know the cleaning robots, mainly by the Roomba brand. There are many Chinese versions of these much cheaper (because of that mark are based on fairly high prices), and today we are going to talk about one of them that has caught our attention because of performance and price: the Donkey E1.

Cleaning robots are devices able to leave the ground almost like a whistle wherever they go, and have a number of sensors that allow them to perform a kind of drawing our home for not running into things and clean every corner, if it is true that depending on the model, there are suitable for either soil type (for example tiled floors, parquet, etc.) and carpets. The Donkey E1 of which I speak on today is a multi robot cleaning surface, because it applies both to stoneware parquet, and even carpets. In fact, it is ideal if we have pets at home because it is also suitable for cleaning animal hair.

robot Donkey E1 2

Donkey E1

The Donkey E1 has a size of 30 x 30 x 7.6 centimeters, and is able to clean corners, under the sofa, zigzag and intelligently detects the furniture or steps to not spoil anything in its path. The device emits a maximum of 50 dBA noise (it is noisy, but less than a household vacuum), it has a range of about 90 minutes a function by which when it is 20% of battery, it only autonomously going to the charging base to recharge up to 100% and continue their work. In this way, we can schedule it to run for several hours or even days without having to touch it (the scheduling must be done by hand, but once made not to do so we must return to. We can in this way say that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is devoted to clean the floor for example from 9 to 14h, while we’re at work). It has a remote control to make them work.


Finally, two technical aspects over Donkey E1. It is able to map our home up to 100 square meters, but yes, always leave a distance of about 8 cm with furniture and walls, so these areas will have to go through them by hand. We must also say that has a bag filter having a fairly small capacity, so depending on the dirt from the site, there will be emptied regularly.

How to get the best price E1 Donkey
The Donkey E1 is not the best cleaning robot that can buy, but has caught our attention because it has some pretty interesting features and because we have seen a good deal on the online store LightInTheBox, which by the discount code E1ROBOT can be purchased for 117.59 euros with shipping included

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