Sangean WFR-27C

Sangean has put on sale its new radio Sangean WFR-27C, a portable device that is easily managed from your smartphone or tablet, and signal receiving both FM radio and the Internet, in addition to the digital radio system DAB +. It also offers specific functions to suit every musical genre and is compatible with various audio equalization.

Sangean WFR-27C

An intelligent radio is controlled from the smartphone
Sangean WFR-27C allows listening programs, news or music from any radio or external source, and all with a simple WiFi connection and the ability to handle the device easily from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the UNDOK application.

Sangean WFR-27C is a digital radio system with Internet also can listen to any radio station FM spectrum, but also through the Internet, or digital radio system DAB +. The device is portable and easy to handle and carry from one place to another, and to function only needs a WiFi connection (or tune in FM radio with RDS traditional).

key features
The radio features a 2.4 inch TFT screen high resolution which can be viewed at any time information about the contents and commands, and the device also incorporates direct controls on its front.

Inside Sangean WFR-27C is a triple tuner that lets you listen to FM radio with RDS conventional, DAB + digital radio or Internet radio.

For radio transmission through the network, the device has a dual-band WiFi antenna 5G / 2.4 GHz. By operating controls and the display information, searchable by genre, country or favorite stations and access services streaming audio playback (using platforms like Spotify or accessing files on the computer’s hard drive or an external server, NAS). In memory can store up to 15 presets (digital radio 5, 5 and 5 FM radio Internet radio).

Radio Sangean WFR-27C

The radio is capable of playing MP3, WMA and AAC + audio, and features an auxiliary input to connect with portable devices and MP3 players.

Moreover, Sangean WFR-27C has a timer to schedule automatic shutdown after a certain time, plus two programmable alarms -FM radio, Internet or DAB or beep.

The radio also has a headphone jack and works with dry batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The app UNDOK can handle the radio from the mobile
UNDOK the free app is available for iOS devices through the Apple App Store and Android devices through Google Play. Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, can remotely manage many radio functions such as station selection or access to streaming music services.

Sangean WFR radio-27C is priced at 200 euros

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