Sangean WR 15 BT

Since 2014, when the Taiwanese company Sangean celebrate its 40th anniversary, the sector of high-end radio has undergone a qualitative leap thanks to the series of products launched by the Asian brand.

One of the latest products from its catalog to reach our market has been the AM-FM / Bluetooth BT WR 15 analog radio. An elegant, simple lines and a vintage point in the current trend very radio. Its natural design with a wood finish and soft tops has, suitable for homes with the most colorful designs imperishable character.

Sangean WR 15 BT

Technology yesterday and today
The Taiwanese company has the WR 15 BT a concept that combines the technologies of yesterday and today. New with business as usual. And it is that your analog radio tuner (no pre-set digital stations and manual search through wheel) is added Bluetooth technology. A feature that lets you connect to any mobile device or smartphone to transfer audio wirelessly. It also features NFC technology, so we can put music from your mobile just with a touch and bringing the phone to the radio.

The sound quality is another house brands in Sangean. The WR 15 BT integrates a three inch speaker that can reach an output power up to 10 watts. Its integrated dynamic compensation system provides an optimal balance of bass frequencies with the aim of providing greater realism and sound power, avoiding any kind of distortion.

Sangean wr 15 bt 01

Despite having a pair of wireless systems to play music wirelessly, the WR 15 BT also has an auxiliary input for directly connecting the radio to the source. This output also allows the interconnection of radio Sangean with other speakers of the Asian brand or any other. Being able to ride this way a more powerful playback system.

Being an eminently decorative radio, we can find a catalog of colors beyond the common and suitable for decorating our home lines. Walnut, white, black, red and brown leather finished leather are the catalog. A wide range that allows prop spaces both modernist or minimalist cut more vintage environments.

You can find it at a price of 200 euros. Like the WR-22, it is a high-end range with a variety of features, features and finishes that distinguish Sangean any of its competition in the market. A device with a much higher than the simple act of connecting the radio objective. Unlike the WR-22, WR 15 not BT is supplied with any system clock or time indicator.

In the last month Sangean is going very strong in the Spanish market with the introduction of various models of mid and high ranges, both interior and exterior that focuses on home design and provides the greatest possible number of functions for radio.

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