Skagen Hagen Connected

The Danish company belonging to Skagen Fossil Group today revealed Skagen Hagen Connected, elegant analog clock with several smart features that will be offered on the market in September at a particularly attractive price.

The smartwatch – but call it that is it not entirely correct – will be available in four different versions with leather strap interchangeably with other solutions in leather, steel and silicone.

Not primarily missing some interesting features typical of an “advanced” watch, including automatic time setting and updating of data in the event that you are moving in geographical areas with different time zones, a number of alarms and the possibility Displays the dual time.

The “smart” is the presence of sensors that monitor their physical activity: the step count is then displayed within a second quadrant inserted into the main dial with a design that closely recalls the style of Withings Activité .
Skagen Hagen Connected
The clock is also able to provide customized notifications for calls and messages received on your Android or iOS smartphone through a slight vibration.

Via hardware button located on the side of the body, Skagen Hagen Connected then allows you to remotely control your smartphone camera and music playlists as well as to sound remotely the phone and set goals to achieve physical activity.

The present button battery inside the watch ensures a long battery life of several months.

Skagen also announced the Connected Activity Tracker, a wearable device for measuring the distance and for sleep monitoring available with several interchangeable straps.

Skagen Hagen Connected arrive in September at a price of $ 195, while a month later you can buy the Connected Activity Tracker to $ 95.

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