Skylake with Intel vPro technology for authentication

Introduced in September 2006, Intel vPro technology will be integrated into desktop systems where professional, to speed performance, it is necessary to combine a remote management and secure data.

Every time Intel launched a new generation of processors, they present some relatively new vPro platform.

After the arrival of the sixth generation of its processors, Intel today introduced the novelty of the coupling Skylake vPro.

Skylake with Intel vPro technology for authentication without password

The Santa Clara company has decided to enrich with vPro technology Authenticate whose goal is to wipe out the need for user names and passwords for access to various services.

Authentication is handled “hardware side” by combining something the user knows (maybe a simple PIN) with something you have (using a smartphone) and “something that is” (biometrics).

Business leaders have the opportunity to freely define the factors that will be used for authentication to the system and all the data will be handled and stored in hardware.

The possibility of using biometric parameters, especially if collected using a video camera Intel RealSense 3D gives way to request the automatic locking of the machine as soon as the authorized user to use it moves away.
The mechanism is similar to that of Windows Hello, but in the case of Intel Authenticate header, is the CPU to perform all the work.

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