Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect companion BSP60 spree. A ball-shaped speaker with two extendable “ears” where the speakers are housed. Its casual and friendly appearance make it a perfect gift for Christmas. In addition, this accessory is able to recognize our voice and “dance” to the rhythm of the music being played on our smartphone. A whole fancy stuff that falls from the first moment, but its price of 300 euros will cause many to rethink your purchase. This speaker is compatible with Android phones and tablets from version 4.4 KitKat. We had the chance to test it in depth, we tell you our impressions.

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

A design falls
Cute, charming, adorable, endearing, “Kookie” … They are adjectives that you will surely escape when you see in action the speaker Sony. This accessory uses a fresh design with a ball of black glass. You will not guess the future, but for the small screen information see the song playing and access to different functions. This speaker is very compact, with a diameter of 10 centimeters. You can wear it without problems at hand and hide it in the bottom of your backpack when you go anywhere. It also has weighing just 350 grams.

But the element that most distinguishes this speaker are their “ears”, reminiscent of a classic alarm. These tops are lightly separated from the ball when the speaker is on. This is where the speakers from sounding music staying. Inside each LED strip light that shines in different colors (green, yellow, purple, white, red, blue …) hides. The lights appear and disappear gradually. Thus, listening to a song it becomes a much more intimate and enjoyable experience.

At the top is the logo to synchronize devices with the NFC connection, while at the bottom are the buttons to turn off and on the accessory and pairing via Bluetooth. Here two wheels and two circular pivots are crucial for the function that we’ll see in the following paragraph are also found.

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

The speaker “dance hall”
Yes. One of the big surprises Smart Bluetooth speaker Sony Speaker BSP60 is dancing. By using the wheels and pivots, this team is able to move in time to the music being played. I must say, not the Speaker BSP60 will never win a dance contest. His movements are not very fast and obey small jogs, forward-backward movements and turns. Moreover, the ears are part of the dance movements of opening and closing. Often it costs us recognize the movements of the speaker with music that was playing. But the important thing here is not the performance of the speaker as a dancer, but what fun it is to see the ball move around the table or floor. Incidentally, although the speaker is not out of a reasonably small area, it is advisable to be careful not to place it near one end of the table.

Undoubtedly, this is an accessory to wear it at parties and gatherings with friends and have a good time of fun. By the way, whenever you activate the function dance this last seven minutes, after which only the ears move. In any case, users can choose to enable or disable this feature at any time.

As for the power of this speaker, keep in mind that up to 2.5 W. Although it is not very powerful, we liked the quality that reaches music and surround effect that allows the particular arrangement ears. All this with a very low distortion even at maximum volume position. A pleasant surprise for such a small accessory.

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

Commissioning and on-screen controls
The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 is a team that works, as its name suggests, via Bluetooth. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets from Android 4.4 KitKat, such as the latest Sony Xperia Z5 but also more humble Premium models like the Sony Xperia E4.

To link the device, simply turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and press the “Pairing” button at the bottom of the ball. Among the list of equipment available on the smartphone “BSP60” should appear. We link and within seconds the sound should be transferred to the loudspeaker. Another option that further facilitates this process is to draw on the NFC connection. In this case, if you have a smartphone with this chip and then activate the function touch with our mobile top of the ball. In the smartphone screen should appear to us a message directly linking Sony speaker.

The most direct way to control the basic functions of the speaker is through the four touch buttons that are located at the corners of the screen. When a song is playing, the two lower buttons are used to move between songs from the playlist or to increase or decrease the volume. The change between these two options is performed with the top left button. The fourth button is used to activate voice assistant (to be discussed later). If we’re not listening to any songs, the screen speaker time and see only the top buttons will be active. The left leads to the reproduction of music and the right to voice assistant feature. By the way, at all times we will see an icon with the remaining battery speaker, a very useful accessory for when you have to reload feature.

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

Voice assistant
Another key speaker of this function is in its voice. Sony has deployed a voice assistant similar to Siri Apple Cortana or concept. Each time you activate the microphone, we can perform different actions without touching a button. Just do not expect a performance to match these wizards. Speech recognition has failed us often, but the versatility is appreciated.

When the function is activated wait a few seconds to hear a “I hear you” before speaking. This waiting time can be a bit frustrating at first. The first for what the wizard is used to perform the basic controls: stop play, raise and lower the volume or switch between songs. One option that can give us a lot of play is to directly play a song that we have stored in the phone. Of course, sometimes it may cost a little himself understood with the wizard.

Another feature that we liked a lot is the option of asking the speaker for your battery. The wizard will not only give us the information on the remaining battery power of the speaker, but also information on mobile battery connected. It also highlights the role to know the weather forecast at any location. From here we can set an alarm for the next day (with a maximum of 24 hours in advance).

By the way, users can also convert Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 into a headset to make and receive calls. In the case of receiving a call, the speaker will sound with a classic tone and can press on the top right button to take the call and start talking. But most interesting is still the option to initiate a call from the ball through voice control. On occasion we have locked the phone but generally the performance is quite good and the voice you hear sharp contact. Finally, if we say “planning” or command “Calendar” the speaker will show us the next event that we noted in our Google calendar.

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

The BT Speaker Smart app for Android devices
For a more complete control of the speaker it is crucial to download your app dedicated Smart BT Speaker, available for the Android platform. This tool has a very clean and attractive interface, with the main options organized into three panels “State”, “Settings” and “My Apps”. Within the status panel shown us whether the speaker is connected and the remaining battery.

The second panel is responsible for the overall speaker settings. For example, here the alarm for weekdays and the weekend is set. The curious thing about this feature is that to turn the alarm must be tightened to both ears at once, whereas if we postpone it will give to one of the ears. During the five alarm LED buttons and LED strips ears glow red. If we turned the morning information deactivate the alarm when the loudspeaker forecasting we discussed our area and the events planned for the day. All this with a cheerful tune and the LED glowing yellow.

One option that is very useful “Word Trigger”. If we have this feature enabled, we can give orders to the speaker at any time by “Ok, Speaker” command. From here the proper function of voice speaker and dance function is also configured.

The third panel is used to control various apps speaker. In principle, only “Voice Control for Smart Bluetooth Speaker”. Here we see the main voice features, such as orders, the option to read the details of the song or the ability to protect our data privacy to those who use personal information. In addition, since here too the tone to find the mobile in case we lose the room (the music will sound directly into the smartphone even if silently) is set.

In short, an app quite intuitive and attractive interface. The only point that leaves doubts is the decision to keep separate some functions of voice in the Voice Control app (at times gives us the feeling of using an app within another app for the same).


Autonomy, price and reviews
In the field of autonomy, this speaker has endured us about five hours with activated dancing, the function of voice recognition and a constant average sound volume. If you disable these features, airtime has remained somewhat below eight hours. The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 is available in the market for a price of 300 euros. This team is one of the most friendly and curious to find gadgets this holiday season. And it would be the perfect gift not for the high cost, which may limit its sales quite. However, this speaker goes beyond fun and entertainment from all sides. An ideal place to hear the music of our Android smartphone, which will become the king of the party meetings with friends or family supplement.

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