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The valleys, mines and even tunnels are no longer blind spots without mobile connection. And that StellaDoradus BigBoost has developed a simple but effective system to bring coverage to these remote places where phone calls were nothing short of impossible. A solution that has already proven its worth in different terrains where phones were useless so far.

It is StellaDoradus BigBoost, and oversimplify things, it could be called as a repeater and amplifier mobile signal. The system broadly include the current signal communication antennas operating companies, repeat it to bring it to the point that you want to get, and then expand it and redirect it more specifically towards the place manages to you want to communicate. All this can cover a maximum of up to one kilometer away in outdoor grounds. However, this system has also proved to be valid for areas such as mines and tunnels.

stelladorado bigboost

One of the practical cases that has faced StellaDoradus BigBoost is to provide GSM mobile coverage to a tunnel 3 kilometers long in Foggia, Italy. In that place, mobile coverage was good on the surface of the earth, but the workers who were working in the tunnel had to serve walkie-talkies to communicate between them, since under the surface was impossible mobile communication.

In this case, they took advantage of the good sign that mobile operators issued their own antennas located five kilometers from the tunnel. To do this they installed an antenna at the tunnel entrance, right on the top. Beside her, the StellaHome system is responsible for amplifying the signal cable and transport it to the next point of the system. At a distance of 20 meters, and underground, it is where they put the repeater BigBoost, with an antenna directed along the tunnel. Something that offers GSM (900MHz) coverage all over the place.



Thus, the system shown BigBoost StellaDoradus capable both in open, for which it was designed, such as indoors. And that StellaDoradus has some experience in expanding and repetition of signals in homes but also in boats and other vehicles. In this case, BigBoost focuses on land where there is close coverage but fails to reach mobile in the area, either because they are in a valley area, or even be underground.

BigBoost StellaDoradus service is provided through foreign installers, focusing the business field, so not the most useful for mobile coverage in that house in the village to which operators are not interested reached by cost option. However, it is a good choice to ensure that all workers in a mine or tunnel are communicated properly. Of course, as StellaDoradus, it is advisable to use an installation service to carry out a study of the area and get the best possible signal with BigBoost system. Their services are also provided in Spain.

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