Techwatch L1

The wearable market seems to never stop and the Italian Techmade continues to bring to market new models and tech accessory declinations more of the moment: the smartwatch. This time it is the turn of Techwatch L1 (Lady One), one smartwatch with an elegant and stylish, designed primarily for a female audience.
To make it a very glamorous accessory is the round dial that recalls the tradition of watches, studded with small rhinestones that give a touch cool to which no woman could resist. Intriguing even the option to choose between gold strap or eco-colored leather. The smartwatch L1 arises therefore also to meet the aesthetic needs of a female audience, which in addition to the technological aspect seeks out solutions with a touch of care and sophistication.

Techwatch L1 2

Techwatch L1

Techwatch L1 has nothing to envy to other smartwatch on the market in terms of features and equipment. The touch display 22.1 “high-sensitivity, has a resolution of 240 x 204 pixels and is always high performance and responsive to even the slightest touch. Access the functions is extremely simple: simply press the side button from the traditional design that incorporates in all respects a normal setting crown.
Just like the previous models proposed by Techmade (and think about T-Watch, Techwatch One, Techwatch One Elite and Techwatch Round One), this smartwatch can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.0, so you can make the most the Phone function (with the ability to receive calls and messages directly on the clock) and monitor their physical activity if the device was also used for this purpose. Techwatch L1 never ceases to amaze and has many features, including:

Sleep Monitor: Through this function, the smartwatch will detect (thanks to heartbeats) sleep quality, identifying the deeper stages and the most superficial;
Heart rate monitor: the device is capable of measuring the heartbeats both during the physical activity both at rest.
Pedometer: through the detection of body movement, the smartwatch is able to count the steps carried out.
Burglar: you will be notified when the smartphone will be moved away to more than 10m. by Techwatch L1.
BT Music Remote Control: Techwatch L1 is able to reproduce the playlist on your smartphone connected to it;
Smart Wake-Up: Start Smart display with a simple movement of the arm, to be always ready to use the device.

The sales package is full of contact, powerbank 400mAh USB cable and charging cable. The interface is user friendly and is compatible with the operating system iOS7 (or higher), the Android system 4.2 (or higher) and Windows Mobile. TECHMADE Techwatch L1 will be available from September at a price of 159.90 EUR

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