Techwatch Lady 1 and Techwatch One Mini

technologically advanced, and now also indispensable accessories fashionable and trendy! We’re talking about Techwatch Techmade – Techwatch Lady 1 and Techwatch One Mini – the smartwatch addressed to women. Design glam, both in form and color, but also functional for easy and immediate use at all times of the day. Impeccably elegant for every social event but also ideal companions for sporty woman, to respond with a simple touch to calls and messages during the workout in the gym or running outdoors.

Techwatch One Mini

Techwatch Lady is the first smartwatch, meant mainly for hi-tech woman who loves to be stylish and fashionable on any occasion. To make it a decidedly glam accessory is the round dial that recalls the tradition of watches, studded with small rhinestones that give a touch cool to which no woman could resist. Intriguing even the option to choose between gold strap or eco-colored leather. A strike, however, is not only the look, but also how design integrates seamlessly with the most technologically advanced features, all to meet the real everyday needs.
Bluetooth connectivity, and seamless compatibility with all operating systems used by the latest generation of smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile), for example, allow you to make the most of the phone functions, and receive real-time calls and messages directly to your wrist without having to pull out your smartphone from the handbag. The display is of course touch, the interface is user friendly for a real technological jewel of the Techmade. Techwatch L1 is available at a price of 159.90 euro.
Techwatch Lady 1

Techwatch One Mini small boxy smartwatch dial is a trendy accessory greatly appreciated thanks to its trendy colors: white silicone strap and rose gold satin finish. An informal yet highly impact, which gives a trendy look and all-female. The touch display 1.44 “has a remarkable resolution and is highly responsive to the touch. The measures to record (only 250 x 40 x 10.5 mm) ensures discreet accessory, but always ready. It ‘just connect it via Bluetooth to the smartphone app to receive all notifications of calls and messages directly on the smartwatch. The interface is compatible with iOS 7 or higher. (Per call function) and Android 4.2 (or higher). Techwatch One Mini is available at a price of 37.80 euro.

Both devices have different useful features such as:

Pedometer: through the detection of body movement, the smartwatch is able to count the steps carried out.
Stopwatch: extremely useful function if you make physical activity.
BT Music Remote Control: the smartwatch is able to reproduce the playlist on your smartphone connected to it;
Smart Wake-Up: Start Smart display with a simple movement of the arm, to be always ready to use the device.

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