Thecus N12910

Thecus Technology, a specialist in NAS professional systems manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new N12910, a NAS 12 drive bays that is powered by an Intel Skylake processor and DDR4 memory of new generation, ensuring that deliver the maximum possible power .

Florence Shih, general manager of the brand said: “Thecus is again at the forefront of technology, and incorporating this latest hardware in our product portfolio allows Thecus offer businesses a more secure access and more fast access to your data, reliability and strong as ever. The N12910 provides users of the NAS brand products a superior choice to secure data of their companies. ”

The truth is that the Thecus N12910 looks more like a desktop PC to a NAS, it equips an Intel Core i3-6100 dual core processor 3.7 Ghz to maximum speed, a processor with a consumption of 35 watts at maximum load. It also incorporates 4 GB of RAM DDR4 memory at 2133 MHz, an update from the previous DDR3 will feel very well to a NAS because the performance increase is especially useful when working with a large number of small files, and when many users access the NAS simultaneously. In addition, the manufacturer allows the installation of up to 64 GB of RAM, lest we run short.


Moreover, the Thecus N12910 is definitely a high-end system that allows the installation of 12 SATA 3 3.5 inches maximum, adding up to 96 TB of storage capacity hard drives. The device comes in 2U rack, ready for immediate installation and showing an informative LCD display on the front along with two USB 2.0 ports 4 USB 3.0 front and rear format.

What Thecus has not announced the date of availability or price, but count upon to be very expensive (despite being for SATA and no SAS). You can see all the information relating to this device in the manufacturer’s website.

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