Tricer 1411

The Tricer 1411 is the new component of the already extensive catalog of Tricer boxes owned by the manufacturer Spire, creating a model for micro ATX motherboards with a rather sober and functional aesthetics, which will sit perfectly in both an office and work computer (Especially for its small size) and in the living room of a box performing the tasks of an HTPC-type device.

The Spire Tricer 1411 checks all the important points that should have today a computer case for work as well as for fun, for places where the available space is not excessively large but a team of sober appearance is required (although the manufacturer speaks Of “decadent”, I do not know very well where they see the decadence of its forms) and simple assembly, dotradop of a structure of resistant steel and with a sufficiently clear interior so that all the hardware that is wanted to mount inside without Problems, with drills to allow the passage of the cables and obtain a finish as clean as possible.


The main features of the Tricer 1411 are as follows:

Modern and decadent design.
2 x USB 3.0 connectors, 1 x USB 2.0 connector.
HD Audio Connector.
Integrated card reader.
Compatible with micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards.
Easy assembly.
Internal space for two 92 mm fans.
Internal space for two 120 mm fans.
The standard configuration includes a 120 mm rear fan.
2 years warranty by the manufacturer.
In summary, it seems to me a fairly functional box that, without large alaracas, seems that could fulfill its mission, although the manufacturer does not give the limitations in the size of components that we will be able to install in its interior, but since the box is not especially wide , I strongly doubt that a tower-type heatsink with a height of 160 mm will fit. I am more inclined to think that it should be one with a maximum height of 150 mm to go about safely. And since the power supply is placed on the top of the box, I would not venture to install very heavy and / or heavy sources inside.

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