TV Sony XD94/XD93

The new range of Sony TV 2016 offers a high quality standard and advanced technical solutions, perfect to enjoy the summer sporting events (and others) in all their glory. The XD94 / XD93 series, in particular, integrates the best of Sony technology to ensure a quality of vision at the top in every respect: the TV 4K HDR XD93 are available with screen cuts important “”, 55 “and 65”, but those who want an even bigger TV XD94 can choose the model, a true giant with 75 “screen. At that point it requires only one thing: to invite friends to enjoy a Hollywood blockbuster or the final of EURO 2016, aware that it will be a memorable evening.

Real packed with technology, so we can define the XD93 and XD94 Sony TV series that are characterized by the 4K panel and HDR technology. Not only 4K then, but 4K HDR: thanks to the High Dynamic Range perceived detail is stunning because they are also visible details that would normally be absorbed by the black or “burned” by the most intense white. Due to the extended dynamic range, the TV 4K Sony HDR offer much more detail and a much more natural, but we must not forget the veritable arsenal of Sony technologies like Triluminos Display, the X1 4K processor and the system X- They tended Dynamic Range Pro acting on the perceived quality making it even more exciting viewing.

TV Sony XD94 2

TV Sony XD94

Another plus, the XD94 series uses direct LED backlight, while the models XD93 debuts the backlight Slim Backlight Drive, a new Edge LED lighting technology that allows a much more precise light control and a level of high contrast without sacrificing the TV thickness. Thanks to these features, the Sony XD94 / XD93 TV are able to meet the needs of the most demanding enthusiasts, who want a TV with top performance and a very stylish design

A design reference, from every point of view
With XD94 / XD93 series Sony introduces the new design Slice of Living, designed to blend seamlessly with the look of the living environments.

The TV panel seems no frame, the border surrounding it is exceptionally compact, so it helps to make the absolute protagonists of the scene images that scroll across the screen. The base has a linear design and essential but at the same time very elegant, provides a stable support for the screen and allows you to manage in an orderly manner the connecting cables, hiding them from sight.

The lateral arrangement of the connections is also designed to ensure easy access grappling, both with the TV on her bed positioned against the wall. In this regard, Sony has created a mounting system that allows you to position the TV very close to the wall, making it like a picture hanging on the wall.

Slim back drive and the perfect light control
The backlight has a considerable importance in the LED TV: able to manage the right amount of light in the different areas of the screen allows to obtain a higher contrast, with the most dynamic and nearby images to the representation of reality. This is even more important when using the HDR (High Dynamic Range), which pushes the extremes these differences.

In this regard, Sony has developed the Slim Backlight Drive system, a backlight grid system that together with the algorithm of management of the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO backlight allows to handle high peak brightness and deeper blacks, with a range of brightness than traditional TV. The innovative Slim Backlight Drive uses two layers of guide plates that allow you to direct the LED light more precisely where it is needed obscuring areas of the screen that need to reproduce the most dark details. This way you get a result similar to that offered by Full Array LED backlight, with the advantage of being able to contain the panel thickness in a few millimeters, which is not possible with a Full LED backlight.

exciting details thanks to Sony technologies
The Ultra HD 4K resolution allows to obtain a very high level of detail, while the HDR offers a very wide dynamic range, with higher peak brightness and a deeper black level. But to take full advantage of these technologies and get exciting pictures requires an LCD panel and an electronic height.

Sony can boast a number of unique technical solutions that allow to obtain higher quality images, such as Triluminos display that can reproduce a wider color gamut with accurate color details at any level of brightness: red tone, green and blue they are more intense, but also more accurate and natural.

To supervise the operations we find the X1 4K processor, that analyzes in real time the content of the images and performs thousands of adjustments per second, to optimize dynamically resolution, color and brightness. The result is images with a great level of ease with any video material, from standard resolution up to 4K.

Android TV, easy entertainment without boundaries
A TV must not only ensure an excellent quality of vision but also so much versatility: with Android TV Sony TVs bring in your living room the wide choice of content available on Google Play, including apps, games, communication platforms and audio streaming and videos (including Netflix, Infinity, Google Movies) and much more.

The selection is facilitated by an intuitive, easy to use with the supplied remote control, while the Voice Search feature built into the remote control allows you to use voice commands to control the features of the TV, search for movies, software and other content. What’s more, even the interaction with mobile devices is perfect: using Google Cast you can start the playback of content (movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, pictures but also many compatible apps) on your smartphone or tablet and decide to transfer the vision on the big TV screen. Not to mention that, being an Android TV software platform, available services, apps, and games are increasing day by day and feed an ecosystem with infinite possibilities. Good vision.

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