Wacom Intuos 3D

Wacom Intuos 3D is the first comprehensive and affordable 3D solution that provides all the tools necessary to create three-dimensional designs ready for printing from PC or Mac. Presenting a product for modeling and 3D design affordable, the Wacom is opening the way for spreading the creation of 3D graphics to the general public. Wacom Intuos 3D it comes on the market at an ideal time, given that the interest in the design and three-dimensional printing is growing rapidly.

Wacom Intuos 3D

“At a time when the 3D design and printing DIY have become very popular, Wacom has realized that there was a chance to improve the front-end of the creative design process and provide a complete solution for the 3D enthusiasts and in particular for those who are beginners, “said Jeff Mandell, executive vice president of Wacom. “The Wacom holistic approach provides customers with comprehensive, from concept to visual creation, until the physical implementation. For years, many creative professionals in the industrial, manufacturing, fashion and games using our award-winning products their 3D work. We thought it was time to share our expertise with those who want to take their first steps with 3D. ”
“To ensure a complete 3D solution, Wacom has brought together some of the industry leaders, such as Pixologic, Shapeways and Sketchfab, to integrate hardware, software and publishing services and 3D printing,” said Tom Kopinski, Senior Manager of Creative Market Strategy for Wacom. The natural and intuitive Intuos pen 3D integrates seamlessly with the powerful software ZbrushCore of Pixologic, ZBrush based on technology that the major film studios and game developers are using for years for their 3D creations. Intuos, the pressure-sensitive pen, cordless, battery, joins ZBrushCore to emulate the feeling you get to work with brushes, markers or tools for the traditional sculpture.

“Thanks to our partnership with Wacom, we were able to develop software for the 3D design industry leader, optimized for the tablet Intuos and that surely the 3D fans will appreciate,” said Jaime Labelle, Chief Operating Officer of Pixologic, Inc. “We look forward to the magnificent works that this partnership will achieve.”
Users who need to perform on-demand 3D printing can send their models to the Shapeways online service for printing. For those who want to publish their own work, the community and the platform’s web-based Sketchfab they are accessible to customers who bought Intuos 3D. 3D Intuos solution is simple to set up and includes advanced video tutorials to help customers begin to realize their creations immediately after purchase.

3D Intuos is sold in elegant packaging, which contains the 3D Intuos tablet, pen, Pixologic ZBrushCore downloadable software, as well as special offers from Shapeways and Sketchfab. 3D Intuos will be distributed worldwide through the main sales points and online retailers, including Amazon and Wacom’s online store, and will be available for purchase by the end of October

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