Xbox One S

During his keynote opening in Los Angeles at E3 2016, Microsoft unveiled Xbox One S. It ‘a more compact console of the previous model (about 40%) and will be available on the market in August at the starting price of $ 299.

The basic model will be equipped with a 500GB hard drive, but it is also a version with 1TB HDD for $ 349 and a “Special Edition” with 2TB storage for $ 399. The Xbox One S will be cheaper, however, the last to arrive on the market, because for the summer launch is programmed only the debut of the most expensive console in SE. And those who want to, can already reserve one on Amazon USA.

Xbox One S Console Vertical Right Angle

Xbox One S Console Vertical Right Angle

The new Xbox One Microsoft S does not support 4K video game, but it allows you to play Blu-Ray titles Ultra HD or 4K streaming from Netflix or Amazon. In addition to a smaller frame and video playback in high definition, the Microsoft console also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) for movies and video games. The design and the design have been optimized: Xbox One S uses a standard power cord and comes with a stand for can be positioned vertically, with the USB ports in the front.

Microsoft also updated the controller with support for Bluetooth and a couple of other changes including a more ergonomic grip. Redmond also added an IR port to the console and removed the dedicated port for the Kinect sensor, which now can only be connected with a USB adapter.

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