Xbox One S

After filtration uncovering the cake, Microsoft has officially introduced the new Xbox One S. The American company gives a blow on the table and get ready to take sales to its great rival, Sony, with a new version of its latest console game. The Xbox One S offers a new, more compact design, internal hard drive up to 2TB, a wireless controller with greater range and the ability to play 4K resolution video. And all this with a price from 300 euros. Let’s review its features.

Xbox One S

New design
Microsoft has wanted to make clear the difference between the current Xbox and Xbox One One S and has provided this last of a new design in white. In addition to the color change, the new console comes with a really interesting change: leads the integrated power supply. Still, the Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the current console. Another small detail is that now we can upright position using a stand that will come bundled with version 2 TB.

Xbox One S

The new design also offers other less conspicuous small changes. One of the USB ports located on the front, while the infrared port, used to use any remote control, repositions to provide better connectivity.

The controller also receives the new white and change small details of its design. For example, a new texture is included in the rear pawls. What does improve the wireless range is substantially the same, which is double that of the current generation. In addition, the command of the Xbox One S incorporates the Bluetooth connection, facilitating the ability to connect to a computer.

4K video and HDR
At the technical level are some of the expected changes. The new Xbox One S will be able to play video with 4K resolution, from both a Blu-Ray as a service UHD streaming issued in this format, such as Netflix. However, the console will not be able to run games at 4K resolution, that is reserved for the next generation.

Xbox One S

Another improvement visually including the Xbox One S is compatible with the HDR system, this time it supports both video playback and games. The use of HDR system will get more vivid and bright colors in games. The company has already announced the first games compatible with this technology: Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

The new Xbox One S will be on sale from August at a price of 300 euros for the version with 500 GB hard drive. The version with 1TB of capacity will be sold for 350 euros; while the new version with 2 TB hard drive will cost 400 euros. And do not worry, the new Xbox One S is compatible with all Xbox One and some Xbox 360 games.

Project Scorpio
As mentioned, the new Xbox One S includes the ability to play 4K resolution video, but not games. However, the Redmond have used their conference at E3 to announce the existence of its next generation console, codenamed Project is Scorpio.

Microsoft has revealed little of this project. What he has said the company is to be the most powerful console ever created. According to information, the new Xbox will have a graphical output of 6 TFLOPs, will support 4K resolution games and virtual reality games. To give you an idea, the market’s most powerful graphics card, Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX has an output of 9 TFLOPs.

Xbox One S

Microsoft has also announced that the new Xbox will be compatible with all Xbox One games as well as accessories. Logically we have still no date or official price to market, but the company itself has dropped will be available from Christmas 2017.

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