Xbox Scorpio

Most rumors that have circulated over the network around the possible price of the Xbox Scorpio established this around $ 600, a figure that has caused considerable controversy and differing opinions among users. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has come to the rescue to try to calm the saying that “a price that will not go beyond what we’ve seen before” fans.

Microsoft has announced the Scorpio project, which temporarily has dubbed the Xbox Scorpio console to know its final name, as a premium device that seek to attract the attention of both players and developers, but not only by the device but rather by the ecosystem. Of course, with hardware that will (theoretically at the moment) and the market segment which will be oriented product, its price will be high.



The most entrenched rumors spoke of a price would be around $ 600, considerably higher than the consoles “next-gen” have cost, something that has not liked much to users. Phil Spencer said about the console will not have a price beyond what we have seen before, but obviously this has a double standard because if we stick to the precedents, the PlayStation 3 cost 599 euros when it launched and if the Xbox Scorpio this same cost, Spencer we would not have said no lie to after all.

In any case we’ll see what happens at the end. Recall that at the moment what we are talking about is a project that does not yet have a final product (in fact even prototype) and can spend a lot of things until the time of release, including the possibility that Microsoft decides to cancel the project.

What do you think? Do you pagaríais 600 euros for the console if this use would benefit real leap?

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