ZTE today unveiled its new multimedia ZXV10 B860G station, a device able to provide, in one device, a multimedia system capable of playing videos with 4K resolution and a wireless router with MIMO technology. The ZTE ZXV10 B860G is a set top box with advanced Android operating system and enough to move videos with UHD resolution power. But it is also an advanced multimedia station and wireless router with two Gigabit Ethernet ports and MIMO wireless technology. We will review in depth the characteristics of ZTE ZXV10 B860G.

Although they are becoming the homes that already have a Smart TV, often integrated systems of some TV manufacturers are more exasperating than anything else. Whether to improve this system or take the twenty-first century to a TV with many years, many opted to connect to television some kind of intelligent system. Today we have options available, from connecting directly one of the many mini computers that have on the market and use the TV as a monitor, to the hundreds of set top boxes Android we can find in the market, through an Apple TV or directly a video game console like the Xbox One S. Even any laptop currently incorporates an HDMI output that can connect to the TV directly, without foreign converters. However, one of the most affordable and easy to use systems are set top boxes incorporating the Android operating system. If we are looking for a device of this type, from today we will have one in the market, the ZTE ZXV10 B860G.
First, the ZXV10 B860G ZTE is a set top box that integrates an ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core processor along with a Mali GPU five cores, capable of dealing with the videos with resolution UHD 4K 3,840 × 2,160 pixels 60 fps and 10-Bit Color. As operating system the Chinese company has chosen Android TV, with a new user interface, as is logical, includes access to the Play Store. Of course, we must bear in mind that the app store on Android TV is not the same as we have in the industry, the number of applications is much lower. Still, we can find games, applications for watching videos free transmission and important applications such as a media center Plex and Kodi. On the other hand, it is fully compatible with Android applications that integrate with smart home solutions ZTE and multiscreen HD Visual Communication, Family Album, Home Network and IOT voice assistant.


Second, the ZXV10 B860G ZTE is an advanced multimedia station and wireless router, which integrates a WAN port and two gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. If we do not like having wires everywhere, the ZTE ZXV10 B860G offers WiFi stable and fast with 2T2R MIMO antennas incorporating connection. It also supports routing, bridging, SSID, VLAN, QOS, firewall and other services.

At the moment we have no release date or price of ZTE ZXV10 B860G.

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