10 Modern Living Curtains Designs

Turn your living room into a perfect design space using the most suitable curtains for your modern space. Curtains can help us make a difference and make our unique environment, so we must give the attention they deserve.


A modern room curtain usually simple cut, without many details, pleats or ornaments. Typically they include a single color or maximum two solid colors. And even if patterns are used not forget that are geometric. Therefore, if we want to keep modern cut and define our room under this decorative scheme it is important to consider the tones that blend best with our space for curtains or are present in your current decor.


A most commonly used for small spaces alternative is to use the same color of walls and curtains. This trick will help to perceive it as an extension of our living room.








The curtains made of transparent materials are ideal to create an airy, modern space. They help attract natural light during the day and cooler environment is perceived. The made of synthetic materials are more durable.

If your curtains need to stand out and look modern environment, do not forget to use geometric patterns are a great ally for this type of decoration.

For those who need to maintain a high level privacy, you can consider that they are made of heavy fabrics such as linen, velvet, polyester and cotton. These also allow keep warm environment.

If you want to create the feeling of higher ceilings, located rods curtains close to the ceiling and the curtains come with the floor.

You are looking for a romantic touch to your modern living? Let your curtains to drag slightly.

Here we show you more beautiful curtains designs for modern rooms.

This is a beautiful modern room with green apple accents. To soften the finish, curtains semi transparent material but in a more opaque shade of green that blends well with the rest of the social space are incorporated.

A modern living in high-contrast, white, black and some gray and red sparks. A black curtain in bright material can help to achieve a more elegant and mysterious atmosphere.

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