2017 Tesla Model S Price, Release Date and Review

Tesla Model 3: Bookings boom for the new electric car manufactured by Tesla Motors. That’s all the news of autonomy, price, release date and specifications.

Tesla Model 3, here are the technical features, price, release date and the autonomy of the new electric car made by the Californian company Tesla Motors.

2017 Tesla Model S front

2017 Tesla Model S Release Date and Review

2017 Tesla Model S side view

2017 Tesla Model S

In recent days we have been revealed some of the features of the Tesla Model 3, the third electric car manufactured by Tesla Motors (there used to be the Model S and Model X). Although this is only the “first phase” of the Tesla Model 3 and then only be a prototype, many were those who chose to book it.

In detail, since March 31 have been accepting reservations for the new Tesla Model 3 were about 276,000 orders. This could have positive impacts on both the title of Tesla Motors is the entire electric car industry, which still has not taken off.

This success was due to two features of the new Tesla Model 3. For though an electric car with high performance characteristics (at least those that have been revealed so far) its price is quite cheap. In addition, the Tesla Model 3, thanks to its autonomy of 345 kilometers, is bidding to become the first electric car of great consumption.

But we see in detail what are the characteristics of the new Tesla Model 3 dwelling on the sale price and the expected release date.


Tesla Model 3: features
During Phase 1 of the Tesla Model 3 it has not been disclosed much information about its technical characteristics. Most of the details about its technical details, in fact, will only be revealed in phase 2, and as reported by the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, will take place close to the production stage.

At the moment however we can reveal some of the Tesla Model 3, features revealed during the presentation of the first prototype:

size: the Tesla Model 3 design was designed by Franz von Holzhausen, former Volkswagen, GM and Mazda. It is a Compact Sedan from similar size to that of a BMW 3 series, about 470cm long (slightly shorter than the Model S);
acceleration: from 0 to 96 km / h in less than 6 seconds;
Autonomy: 345 km thanks to the batteries made by Gigafactory;
5 places;
large panoramic sunroof;
the main information projected onto a horizontal screen.
Furthermore, to the Tesla Model 3 series it will be equipped with an autopilot system. What does it mean? Simply push a button to your self proceed independently following the traffic on the highway. However, the Tesla Motors recommend to those who drive your car to remain still alert and focused. Whether it is a first step towards putting into the car business that drives itself?


Tesla Model 3: Price and Release Date
The Tesla Model 3 will not arrive on the market before December 2017, at least according to what they say advances. Those who have booked the new electric car, therefore, will have to wait a while ‘before you drive it.

How much is the new Model 3? The price of the new electric car is $ 35,000, slightly more than the BMW 3 Series. As we saw earlier, today there are about 276 bookings and this is also explained by the restrictions under US law, which reserves only the first 200,000 buyers incentives provided for the purchase of a zero-emission vehicle.

So, when Tesla Motors has reached a great economic achievement as the cost to be able to book new car it is $ 1,000. If expectations will be confirmed after its release on the market, the result will be even more extraordinary.

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