3DMark Time Spy DirectX 12

Futuremark has announced a new update to its popular 3DMark benchmark for graphics cards, update now includes the new test called Time Spy, the first developer that is compatible natively with DirectX 12 graphics API.

The 3DMark Time Spy presents a scene with rich 3D geometries, textures and visual details that stress to the maximum processing capacity of the graphics card. This benchmark is ready for next-generation hardware, including monitors Ultra HD 4K resolution. Under this beautiful appearance, Time Spy uses the latest graphics API Direct3D level 12_0 (DirectX 12) and includes the possibility of using asynchronous computing, benefits from processors lot of processing threads (in fact, no matter the number of cores of processor, this benchmark will use all, making it ideal for new Broadwell-E Intel), and since has been developed in conjunction with Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and Microsoft, it makes the most of any hardware regardless of manufacturer .

3DMark Time Spy DirectX 12

Time Spy

The new 3DMark Time Spy is not yet available. Futuremark has said that it will be when they finish upcoming Steam, and appear automatically as 3DMark update once this happens. Now, at this time the benchmark is Steam supply and can be purchased for about 5 euros, which will entitle version upgrade to the advanced version of the benchmark. Users who use the free version of 3DMark may only use the basic version of Time Spy.

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