A bug in the CPU Skylake

The software is not bug-free, but also the hardware is not always perfect. The processors have bugs of varying extent resolved by updates. If you are not serious, they may accompany the CPU throughout his life, without being settled. Sometimes you need real hardware revisions.

Is not the case (fortunately) of a problem emerged in recent hours with the CPU Skylake. During the use of the latest Intel processors a group of mathematicians in the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), dedicated to the research of prime numbers larger, has identified an error leading to the crash of the processor and the system when the calculations reach a specific number first.

Skylake cpu bug
Using Prime95 to test the number 14942209 mathematicians have stumbled upon a system crash, then brought back to the CPU. The problem can easily replicate: download and install Prime95 for Windows on a system Skylake; Enter the menu ‘Advanced | Test ‘and enter the number 14942209 in the box’ Exponent to test ‘; make the program work for a while ‘time and at some point the system will hang.

Intel claimed to have identified the problem and has stated that it is working with partners to implement a fix that will be distributed via BIOS update. “This problem occurs under certain conditions complex load”, specific Intel confirmed that the common user does not have to fear anything.

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