ACER ASPIRE E17, E15 and E14

In addition the Aspire V15, which we discussed yesterday, Acer has updated its range of notebook Aspire E14, E15 and E17 with new sparkling colors (blue, black, white, red, purple, yellow) for the interior panels and a particular finish (on the cover and on the black background) realized by a novel process of 3D scanning of tissue samples, which were then replicated in molds with 3D printing technology and finished with laser engraving. In short, if you look at it against the light or touched with the palm of the hand, the display lid of this notebook will remind the texture of a linen fabric, which has the double advantage of not retain fingerprints / dirt and improve the grip. The exterior blacks and colorful interiors create also a ring that runs along the edges, visible even when the notebook is closed.
Acer Aspire E14, E15 and E17

The Aspire E series will consist of three models with display respectively by 14, 15.6 and 17.3 inches. All will be equipped with an Intel processor, up to 16GB RAM, hard disk 2TB or SSHD 1TB, with NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics card with dedicated memory DDR3 VRAM graphics or dual AMD Radeon R6 and R8. All Aspire E-Series will be equipped with a wireless module and 802.11ac technology Qualcomm MU-MIMO, which allows multiple users to access the same channel, providing a greater level of freedom in space, in addition to a Gigabit Ethernet 10 / 100/1000.
As the Aspire V15, the Aspire E14, E15 and E17 they have a brand new keyboard with keys to the island, with a sharp tactile feedback and an increased range. The keys are well spaced and a recess of 0.3 mm on each key further enhances comfort while typing. The new integrated power button on the keyboard, gives a clean look while avoiding stalling, behaving differently depending on the time that is pressed.
Acer Aspire E14, E15 and E17
Acer Aspire E14, E15 and E17 Acer Aspire E14, E15 and E17
Acer has also implemented the Precision Touchpad on the entire range of notebooks to even experience supporting Windows gestures and actions that can be found on a touch display, such as pinch-to-zoom, swipe and scroll. Not only a response smooth and responsive, but more precision thanks to a high resolution hardware and elimination of unwanted contact with the palm of the hand.
The Aspire E-series are certified Skype to provide video and audio experience without interference. The hardware and software were developed and subjected to a strict certification process to ensure the reproduction of the voice without delays or interruptions, the sound is like in reality without distortion, and video in a realistic and accurate. The Aspire E14, 15 and 17 will be on sale from May, at a starting price of € 349.

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