acer aspire s13

The company Acer is betting on the increasingly fine but increasingly powerful laptops. His Apire range reflects this, and member Aspire S13 we tested is the best ambassador of this family. It is a portable 13.3-inch screen (with touch version) able to withstand and overcome the average rate of regular work with a terminal of these characteristics. To this it helps her to have a sixth-generation chip Intel Core i and up to 8 GB of RAM. Of course, if you want to take full advantage of this laptop, it is best not forget the charger.

However, it has other pluses as their great design with premium materials and more complete and updated point of connectivity, which can boast of include USB Type C port and MU-MIMO 2X2 for WiFi. But we tell all the details of our experience below.
Acer Aspire S13 2

Acer Aspire S13

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A design that engages both sight and touch
The first thing that caught our attention this Acer Aspire S13 has been, without doubt, its appearance and touch. And it is that Acer has opted to use really bright Premium materials and finishes to capture the user’s attention. While his plastic casing is linear finish printing the most comforting touch, the rest of the laptop body forms an aluminum chassis. It also has plastic under the screen, with a rubberized finish also very nice. But it is the chassis which takes all the attention once the screen rises. This is due to finish aluminum, which has a nanolithography technology that offers a realistic brushed finish and comfortable. Yes, being metallic fingerprints of those who have greasy fingers are significantly marked throughout the frame around the keyboard. The good news is that stays more or less cool and pleasant to the touch with dolls and in any position. The wings are made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium and their include bevel cutting and contour of the touchpad have been detailed diamond. Questions, all that make it elegant, pretty, comfortable and sensations of a high-end computer nothing out of the box.

acer aspire s13

I must say that the body of this Acer Aspire S13 has a weight of 1.42 kg in the case of the version without the touchscreen, and 1.55 kg if they have this that responds to touch panel. All this in a size of 327 (H) x 228 (W) x 14.58 mm, making it truly portable and convenient, and can take on any backpack without taking up more than a textbook. In fact, draws attention to the extreme thinness that have succeeded in Acer, finding that the chassis side just over the thickness of ports and connections carrying this laptop.

We do not forget the hinge, which is made of plastic with a chrome but with the characters “Aspire S” finish. A brilliant shot which contrasts with the matt cover and that makes it aesthetically appealing and compensated.

Our great but in this section is the large screen frame. And, beyond that breaks the lines and chassis materials, seems to us somewhat wide. Its sides and top edge has 1.5 centimeters, doubling this measure at the bottom. Something that not only looks wasted on the screen, but also breaks stylistically with the rest. Of course your keyboard also hastens the chassis space, choosing a simple composition (no numeric component) to allow extra space.

acer aspire s13

A screen for more than one person
Acer Aspire panel S13 has 13.3 inches diagonally. An affordable size to work on a laptop. It also has Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels leisure to enjoy games and movies with great quality and sharpness. Now, LED lighting technology TFT (LCD) with IPS is what attracts attention. And it allows you to see the screen so really well from almost any angle. This is not discolor, see forms from another perspective they ceased to be, or show too many highlights. Thus two even three people can attend the contents of the screen without any of them see polarized image or inconsistent colors. It also has good gloss and matte finish something to avoid annoying reflections. Our experience has allowed us to see the screen in almost any ambient lighting situation without problem.

It is worth mentioning that this notebook includes Acer BluelightShield software, created to reduce the emission of blue light through the screen. It has three different modes depending on the amount of blue light that can hold to avoid damaging and user eyestrain. Since the reduction of 18 percent (similar to what is achieved with special glasses, according to Acer) to the average reduction of 36% or higher reduction of 54% of blue light. There is also an extra mode called long-term to achieve the least impact on the user’s vision although the Acer Aspire S13 is used for extended periods of time.

acer aspire s13

Keep in mind that there are two versions of this laptop if we look at your screen. One normal panel, and other touch screen. In the latter case the screen adds some weight to the notebook but also comfort and user experience of having 10 points of simultaneous pressure to play, move around Windows or perform tasks without using the touchpad. In our experience we were unable to check the response of the touch screen.

If you want to use the Acer Aspire S13 as entertainment tool, its sound effect is more remarkable. Audio features Dolby certification and Acer Trueharmony technology to deliver a more than worthy sound quality for a laptop. Although what has surprised us in our tests has been its power. Its two stereo speakers are able to raise the volume well above the crowd in a noisy room. Something seems to us ideal for presentations or to take music anywhere. It also has Dolby software to equalize the sound and get the best possible quality.

connectivity updated
One of the points that have this Acer Aspire S13 as a portable of the moment is the presence of the most agile and necessary ports facing the near future. Thus, the notebook comes standard with two USB 3.0 ports, marked by its characteristic blue color available send current to a mobile (or other device) even when the computer is off, but also has a USB 3.1 port. Or what is the same, the new generation of ports reversible USB Type C. Known for their comfort, the possibility of being used as a cargo port and, of course, the speed when transmitting files, which can reach 10 Gbps. Something that we liked is that the ports are shared between the two sides of the laptop, facilitating the connection of a mouse or other devices outside that has agreed to us at all times.

acer aspire s13

You also have to talk about your WiFi connectivity. And the Acer Aspire S13 integrates technology 2 × 2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac for connections, which translated into plain language means having a connection up to three times faster. And what’s better to have two antennas for the same computer to achieve fluency data even when other devices (phones and tablets) connected to the same network. Something that makes it really comfortable to work, watch streaming movies or even take games over the Internet at home despite having other connected devices consuming bandwidth.

It also has Bluetooth 4.0, SD card port, another jack for microphone shared with headphone port, an HDMI port with HDCP support and charging port. More than enough to connect to stereos, wireless devices and all kinds of peripherals laptop may need.

A laptop to work but not to play
Those interested should know that the Acer Aspire S13 carries in his gut three possible combinations of Intel Core processors. Are treated in the i3-6100U, i5-6200U and i7-6500U, sixth-generation chips from Intel capable of moving common tasks and work processes as various text documents and web browser tabs, plus specific programs. Our tests show that this computer is perfectly valid for office jobs that do not require a great graphics performance. We tested the i7 version, and only in battery mode balanced and economizer have noticed a somewhat slow load several programs open consuming part of your RAM at very specific moments. However, its operation is really fluid and agile, both when moving programs such as navigating menus laptop itself.

acer aspire s13

And it must be borne in mind that comes supported by no less than 8 GB of RAM LPDDR3 type, although it depends on the configuration of each version. In our case, with 8 GB of RAM, the experience is really smooth even with several open programs running at once.

It is in the graphics, however, we find the weakest of the technical configuration of the Acer Aspire point S13. Its graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 520 is more than able to move videos, photos, online games and classic games undemanding. Now, its 128 MB RAM does offer more possibilities for leisure or work with advanced tools like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere for editing photo and video.

Our performance tests allow us to compare the Acer Aspire S13 with Microsoft Surface tablet 4, by which is slightly exceeded, the Acer Aspire E5 or the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga, which exceeds by several points. A competition that shows how the line between notebooks, convertibles and tablets is becoming thinner, and that Acer not seem to have opted for a great power.

acer aspire s13


Acer and its applications
As usual, Acer Aspire loaded its S13 with a good amount of own tools. Are present abFiles (share documents), abPhoto (edition), Acer Care Center (consultations), Acer Portal (control center with options and tools Acer) Acer Power Buttom Management (power button), Acer Quick Access (access to unique features of Acer) Acer Recovery Management (to retrieve content), Acer user experience Improvement (access to tools user experience), Acer user’s Manual (manual) and Acer Explorer (portal games, applications and useful programs ). Elements that contribute little or nothing to the average user or advanced, and that often pester with constant updates and help messages that have not been asked.

acer aspire s13

More interesting is the introduction of tools such as Jam Music Maker application, which become a real DJ, preinstalled applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Amazon, Netflix, Kindle or game Candy Crush Saga.

All this without forgetting that the Acer Aspire S13 comes standard with Windows 10 and all that it entails: Quick Launch bar, desk, internet browser and Microsoft Edge always helpful assistant Cortana, among many other issues more.

Autonomy, price and availability
This is a controversial and very relative section. While Acer says on paper that your laptop is able to withstand 13 hours in active without an outlet nearby, our experience is rather disappointing, but you must understand several assumptions. On the one hand, if we use the full performance mode, to make the most of the brightness of your screen, as well as more power to your processor and graphics chip, the Aspire S13 can keep up for about four hours. All this depending on the use made of it, it is clear (to play several hours with him will be enough to drain your battery). Instead, with more options adjusted, dedicating the computer to navigate effort and work with text documents, you can duplicate this time and lengthen its life during a workday. Again, consistent with the type of task is performed by the configuration. In the energy saving mode approximate times what Acer claims in its data sheet.

acer aspire s13

There are two options when choosing this laptop battery. Although both are integrated for superfine design Acer Aspire S13, you can choose between a 3-cell battery of Li-ion battery with 45 Wh or 54 Wh, extending this second several hours maximum autonomy laptop.

Acer Aspire Laptop S13 can be found with different internal components, but with only two finishes: white or black. As for its price, more accessible disposal costs 700 euros, expanding in case of choosing more powerful configurations (Intel Core i7) and touch screen. It is already available in Spain.

Acer Aspire S13 must mention the exquisite finish. And the design is one of its strengths, with premium materials and details for both the eye and ear. Also worth mentioning is its power, which in its configuration with Intel Core i7 is more than decent for any kind of office work or for study. While the graphics on this laptop is lame. We also liked its excellent touchpad or touch pad, which is not only pleasant to the touch, but also precise and, why not say, beautiful. In addition, the display is very comfortable thanks to its wide viewing angle and Dolby Digital sound seeks quality sound and really powerful.

In the sack of the disadvantages mentioned we find the graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 520, which offers performance needed to play or edit content professionally, and short range. And, if done anything more than surf the Internet, you need not stray too far from the outlets.

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