Acer Predator Z650

Acer today announced the expansion of the range of products for gamers, with the projector Predator Z650. Perfect for entertaining friends and family viewing games on the big screen, the Predator Z650 has a wide range of features to offer compelling images, high flexibility and a rich entertainment:
ColorPurity: uses a RGB color wheel that plays a wide range of colors, creating vast color gradations for razor-sharp images;

SRGB mode: ensures color consistency and eliminates the differences in color reproduction, the colors look the same in all sRGB devices;

Optical short: it allows the screening of a large image, up to 100 inches diagonal, from a distance of only 1.5 m;
WirelessHD: free from the hassle of cables without sacrificing quality Full HD.
The projector Predator Z650 allows you to have fun with your favorite titles with a spectacular involvement, with three game modes Acer, designed to highlight the various gaming experiences. While Game Auto analyzes the projected content frame by frame and dynamically adjusts the brightness to optimum levels, the FPS mode Bright (Bright FPS) adjusts the picture to the games with scenes daytime while the Dark FPS (FPS Dark) rule game scenarios for securities with nocturnal environments, giving players the best possible viewing experience.

Acer Predator Z650

In addition, the Predator Z650 makes taking a good result during the game and set the image as the opening screen waiting staff in the loading of a title, creating a large archive of results. The engineering skills has allowed Acer to offer an immersive audio thanks to the impressive stereo speakers 20W, the system evolved DTS Sound and audio connectivity Bluetooth, which allows wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth devices nearby. With the DTS Sound and stereo speakers, users are free to bring the Z650 everywhere to enjoy the screeching of tires, of vibrant explosions and great sound tracks everywhere.
The projector Predator Z650 will be available in early 2016 with prices starting at € 1,199.

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