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Acer wants to get stronger in the new era of devices with the operating system Windows 10. The operating system that aims to solve the problems of Windows 8 and become a common platform for smartphones, PCs and tablets will be a reality on 19 July. The Taiwanese company has prepared for this release preparing their laptops and tablets of 2015 so as to provide excellent performance. Among the features that have been deployed in these models we have Skype certification, new high precision touchpad for easier management or technology for recognizing handwriting. We tell you the main details of these extra features and the new Windows 10 operating system.

One of the features that have been introduced in this Acer laptop 2015 (both in the field of consumer and professional environment) is the Skype certification. This certification offers a quality experience when conducting videoconferences with friends, family or colleagues, both in terms of image and audio. Another key points on which we have worked is in the Touchpads Precision. These touchpad offer a much smoother and accurate at the time of moving through the menus or when performing actions such as zooming or select text handling. A good way to speed up the use of PC and avoid mistakes.

Windows 10

Finally, the manufacturer has introduced the Palm Rejection technology in some of its models with stylus. This technology works by analyzing your movements on the screen so that those lines belonging to writing and ignored those who belong to inadvertent touches on the screen with the palm of the hand are recognized. One feature that will appreciate especially professionals working regularly performing sketches or writing of manuscript on display.

The new Windows 10 operating system comes with an attraction that can be definitive for its success. For a year, all users with a Windows 7 and Windows 8 can carry out the upgrade to this platform for free. And what are the advantages of carrying out this update? On the one hand, Windows 10 will reintroduce the start menu disappeared with Windows 8. Of course, with a new design that incorporates dynamic icons on the main screen and several new features. For example, we will have the voice assistant Cortana to perform different actions like searching the network or launch applications. In addition, a new feature is introduced to work with multiple desktops simultaneously.

All running Windows 10 turns back around the desk with a more unified experience and prepared for both traditional computers and touch panels. But also the basis of this operating system is also transferred to the new Windows smartphones. New mobile phones will be able to function as complete once computers are connected to a conventional monitor, while maintaining its functionality phone. These are just some of the features that we enjoy from next July 19 (just one week left to its official release)

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