Acer TravelMate B117

The Acer TravelMate B117 is a portable for students who meet all the requirements to become a very useful tool in the classroom. This team is committed to a compact 11.6 inches, it comes with the latest version of Windows 10 installed Pro and Acer TeachSmart. This solution is designed to facilitate the work of the teacher with the ability to manage all portable centrally create tests and receive responses automatically. In addition, through a four LED lights we know if the student has already completed a task, if you want to ask a question or is engaged in the task. So far there has been no official figures on the price of this equipment, which should arrive in Spain before the end of the semester. We tell you the main details that have been revealed.

A laptop for students
The Acer TravelMate B117 has a 11.6-inch compact format, which makes it a more manageable model. Of course, big enough to work with office applications or watch videos in good size. Acer has not revealed the panel resolution, although it is expected to be placed in the HD of 1,366 x 768 pixels. The Acer TravelMate B117 is designed considering the intensive use will give a laptop to students. Therefore, it is ready to hold liquid spills and is resistant to shock and other typical accidents. However, it has a weight of 1.35 kilos for easy handling and no amount charged too much weight in the student’s backpack.

Acer TravelMate B117 2

Acer TravelMate B117

Asus TravelMate B117

Another key aspect that has sought to highlight the company is a LED indicator on the right upper lid (when we open laptop). This indicator can look in four different colors, depending on the student’s status. For example, if you have completed a task you can wear one color, while if you want to ask a question will look for another. The idea is that the teacher can check at a glance the state of their students, although personally I find it difficult to substitute natural actions such as raising his hand to ask a question. Asus laptop for students TravelMate B117 incorporates TeachSmart solution, which in addition to the LED light kit lets you create custom tasks or tests. All this with a centralized management of student activity. Through Acer TeachSmart you can also save the contents in the cloud and access them from anywhere.

Within the scope of the power, the TravelMate Asus B117 incorporates an Intel Celeron or Pentium chip, with a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. Users can choose between a traditional memory format hard drive or a quicker eMMC memory to speed up computer boot. This notebook for students comes with Windows 10 Pro, an operating system that puts all the attention to the desktop and start menu (missing in Windows 8) version. Nor should we neglect the weight of the Crystal Eye HD webcam, which has support for HDR and becomes an excellent tool for videoconferencing.

Good connections
There has also been much weight to the connections on the Acer TravelMate B117. And this model is compatible with the WiFi AC protocol for a more stable and fast network (up to three times longer than traditional WiFi networks). MIMO antenna system also serves to improve the network experience. The connections are completed with a USB 3.0 port high speed USB 2.0 port and an HDMI port to transfer the contents to a high-resolution monitor or TV. At the moment, it has not confirmed the price they will have this laptop for students, that the Spanish market will come before the end of the semester.

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