Acer X115, X115H, X125H and X135WH

Acer has launched a new range of projectors X1, who claim to have a good value. With four models: X115, X115H, X125H and X135WH, this new line is ideal for those who need a projector for both your work and your personal life. Among its main features we can mention a high level of brightness up to 3,400 ANSI lumens Acer EcoProjection technology, which reduces power consumption by up to 70%, or the possibility of being mounted on the ceiling. The new family Acer X1 will be available in the market from next August at a price from 350 euros.

The new projectors X115, X115H, X135WH X125H and are perfect for those looking for clearer images, greater installation flexibility and eco-friendly features. With a high brightness level of 3,400 ANSI lumens the new range X1 offers the possibility of projecting sharper and vibrant images over long distances. Also, even within rooms to daylight. In addition, Acer’s proprietary technology DynamicBlackTM able to improve the contrast of the image, frame by frame by analyzing the content and dynamically adjusting the lamp power to thereby optimize black levels.

Acer X115 2

Acer X115

Acer projectors

Another of its great advantages is that they all have the ColorBoost3D and ColorSafe II technologies that promise much more harmonious and perfect colors. The first of these technologies has the ability to reduce the decomposition of brightness and color variation. At the same time, compensates saturation and color temperature. Meanwhile, the ColorSafe II technology makes immune to color decay projectors, eg signs of yellow or green color in the image. This technology uses a dynamic control to ensure color fidelity, even after prolonged use RGB gain. Logically this acabrĂ¡ impacting the cost of maintenance, resulting in huge savings.

All models of the family X1 can be coupled to the ceiling, so the image can be easily rotated to ensure correct orientation. The new projectors also include a lamp module located at the top. That is, it has not been placed at the bottom as is usual. This means that when the projector is mounted on the ceiling, the lamp can be easily replaced without us having to remove the projector from the ceiling.

Meanwhile mention that all Acer projectors include EcoProjection technology, which reduces power consumption by up to 70% and allows for customized power saving configurations. Acer also have ExtremeEco to prolong lamp life up to 10,000 overtime, saving on replacement costs. The low noise level ensures clear sound for presentations or entertainment. As we say, the Acer X1 will be available from August from 350 euros.

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