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At IFA 2016, TCL Alcatel commmunication launched Move, the new range of wearable to use every day and for all ages, for sale in Italy from the end of September: the series includes Moveband, the smartwatch WiFi MoveTime, and MoveTrack Move Track & Talk. They stand out for their functionality, for colors and style, but all share the same goal: they are designed and manufactured to simplify the daily lives of users.

Moveband is the dynamic bracelet that keeps pace with all the daily activities. By applying dedicated, users can track their physical activity (distance traveled, resting, calories, etc.), as well as their quality of sleep and take a look to the notifications and tasks of your smartphone directly on your wrist (messages, mails and calls). Moveband combines its elegant design fashionable colors, with a charging time of less than two hours. Moveband will be on sale bundled together with Alcatel smartphone.

Alcatel Moveband


For those who are always in motion and leads a busy life, the smartwatch MoveTime is a practical helper to carry out the activities of everyday life. It allows users to receive and make calls directly from your wrist. Whether you’re in a meeting or a business lunch, the smartwatch is always operational, ready to show you email, SMS and memos. MoveTime monitors all information relating to your physical activity – steps, calories, distance, time, liquid ingested and heartbeat. By applying dedicated, users can check their physical fitness. It stands out for its innovative management system that allows users to control their smartwatch using just a few simple movements: you can just tap the screen to play music or pause it, or turn your wrist to bring forward or back a song or activate the camera. MoveTime is available in the colors silver, dark gray and gold.

Alcatel Movetime

Alcatel has made MoveTrack, portable GPS tracker, to avoid unpleasant situations, such as loss of baggage. It weighs only 33 grams and can be attached to the baggage or added to a keychain. Its innovative design makes it possible to also apply it to the collar of your cat or dog and to keep track of their movements. MoveTrack provides real-time tracking with a standby time of up to four days. Virtual Fence using the application, users can receive notifications when the tracked object enters or leaves a predefined area. For greater security, they can also view the history of the movements. Alcatel MoveTrack is a useful tool to keep track of that to which users take more, even remotely.

Alcatel Movetrack

After the launch of Go Watch last year, the company has taken an important step forward in enabling children and parents to stay connected through the smartphone, thanks to Move Track & Talk. Parents can check the health of their children right from the palm of their hand, making calls, sending voice messages, outlining their position, all from a dedicated application and simple to use. Move Track & Talk can record up to five speed dial numbers to call and ten pre-set emergency contacts. Move Track & Talk includes GPS, GSM network and WiFi connection to enable parents to locate their child within 90 seconds, thanks to accurate location information, both in internal and external environments. Thanks to its lightweight design, Move Track & Talk is comfortable to wear and the battery lasts up to four days of use

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