Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3

With the Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 8 a new 8-inch tablet was introduced containing 10 Mobile runs on the smartphone operating system Windows. As with some Android tablets with LTE module, can call as usual with the Pixi 3 8 by a built-in earpiece so. Whether the Continuum feature is supported, is not currently known. Alcatel OneTouch has not yet made official the exact specification. This saves you the CES 2016 in a few days on.

The Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 8 therefore comes with an 8-inch display, whose resolution is not yet known. The tablet is powered by an ARM processor and runs 10 Mobile Windows operating system. Technically, it’s quite possible, because the operating system supports up to 8-inch devices. Here, since an LTE module is installed, it makes sense also a telephone function integrated. Thus, the large tablet can also easily use as a smartphone. As a further function, an IR transmitter is installed, so that the tablet can be used as a remote for the TV, etc.. Furthermore, there should be colorful and Cases Cover with Kickstand. Otherwise each cameras are installed at the front and back. Again Alcatel OneTouch still owes us the exact characteristics.

The Pixi 3 8 Alcatel OneTouch is a slightly different way than the competition. While such a tablet with Android operating system would hardly get attention, it’s become quite 10 Mobile with Windows into something special. Indeed, there are still no other product with this operating system from Microsoft. But the exact specification and the price will be decisive. Generally, so sounds a Windows 10 Mobile Tablet already interesting but you have to consider that there is full-fledged Windows 10 Tablets with 8 inch for less than 100 € – but then without a phone function, and LTE. We are therefore looking forward to the final presentation in a few days.

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