Alienware Steam Machine

Gamers around the world can unpack a Christmas present in advance thanks to the official launch dellAlienware Steam Machine. The result of an innovative partnership between Alienware, precursor systems, high-performance PC gaming and Valve Software, developer of the largest online gaming platform in the world, the Alienware Steam Machine is a customized gaming solution that adds to the traditional PC gaming the typical experience of the console.
Alienware Steam Machine
With the simplicity of a console and the freedom of a PC, the Alienware Steam Machine combines the innovative design, reliability and performance of Alienware, SteamOS with Valve, one of the largest library of games and gamer community planet. Now you can enjoy access to over 1,500 titles SteamOS thousands more streaming and more than 100 million users with whom to play. In addition to offering free access (there is no subscription fee) in this huge library of games, the ecosystem of SteamOS is a pipeline known gaming output. For your collection of games and future, cross-platform support for the catalog of titles old and new is one of the cornerstones of the ecosystem that make the Alienware Steam Steam Machine much more than just a console. With the Alienware Steam Machine your living room becomes the perfect setting for the game, where you can sink into the sofa only with the controller, forgetting of mice and keyboards.

Alienware Steam Machine will come with free bonus content including full versions of PAYDAY 2 2015 Game of the Year Edition, and Screencheat Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball. Also included will be the title free-to-play War Thunder; Finally a tank M18 Black Cat and aircraft XP-38G Lightning.
The basic model is on sale from 599 Euros and has an Intel Core i3 processor, NVIDIA GTX high performance and 500 GB hard drive. The more advanced versions include Quad-HDD (7200RPM), with 8GB of memory (669 euro), Intel Core i5 (EUR 779) and Intel Core i7 (939 euro), up to 2TB of hard drive capacity and 8GB of memory . All models include the new revolutionary Steam Gamepad

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