Alphacool Eisbrecher

The German brand Alphacool, one of the great leaders in the field of design and production of components for the assembly of REFRIGERACIONES liquid as and one of the great innovators in this field, today introduced its new Eisbrecher radiators, aimed at those users who want to have all the advantages provided by a liquid-cooled high performance, but without the sound traditionally associated with such configurations.

With new Eisbrecher ( “Icebreaker” in German) radiators Alphacool is introducing a new generation of radiators specifically designed to operate silently and whose performance has been optimized to work best with the use of fans having a rotational speed reduced , which makes them the perfect choice for users who have in mind to build a system as quiet as possible, but do not want to lose functionality or the heat of the finished components deteriorate during use due to poor ventilation.

The radiator core is made of copper either both the tubes and the cooling fins, which, although it is common in all previous models of radiators Alphacool not usually see on the most popular models of liquid coolings of AIO type. There I remember that, although more expensive to manufacture against its core most widespread aluminum radiators copper core have always been the most capable at the time of the transfer of heat between the water and air due to the better thermal conductivity of copper that is used in making their tubes.


The main innovation of Eisbrecher involves the use of a disrupter plate of the air stream avoids dead zones are usually located just below the location of the fan motor, areas that never receive direct air stream from fan by obstruction of it own. The solution employing correinte Alphacool allows air is evenly distributed throughout the radiator surface, leaving no dead zones negatively affecting manner.

Currently three of these models of radiators that are not a replacement of his most famous model, the NexXxoS are made, if not expand its functionality. Although there are only models for 120mm fans, the manufacturer has promised that the models for 140 mm fans are already underway and should be available soon.

The models manufactured are:

Eisbrecher Pro XT45 120 mm -> 69.95 €
Eisbrecher Pro XT45 240mm -> € 94.95
Eisbrecher Pro XT45 360mm -> € 119.95

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