Amazon BLUE R1 HD

The world’s leading e-commerce Amazon today announced an unprecedented and innovative sales strategy through which members Prime US residents can buy unlocked smartphone with Android operating system at an extremely competitive price.

Amazon Prime

The discount expected – up to 50% off the original price – is applied to a selection of new Android devices, initially composed of BLUE R1 HD and Motorola Moto fourth generation G. The first of these is offered at the special price of $ 49.99 instead of $ 99.99, while Motorola’s smartphone can be purchased at $ 149.99, $ 50 cheaper than the original price. There are no obligations of the contract, nor to stay at a particular phone carrier.

The reduced price is made possible by the presence of advertising and personalized offers on the lock screen. Promotional messages can be selected by tapping on the screen or deleted with a simple swipe to unlock the phone.

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