AMD Opteron Zen will use three sockets

The first AMD Opteron processors Zen would make their appearance in the middle of next year 2017, thanks to a publication of Fudzilla, has disclosed that such CPU will use three different sockets.

But this is not all, the input range of processors based on Zen configurations will feature four or eight cores, developed by AMD under the codename Snowy Owl, and premiered the new SP4R2 BGA socket.

Another batch Snowy Owl could say that processors SP4 BGA 8, 12 and 16 cores share the same number of pins, these being compatible with the socket SP4R2, although apparently would use different motherboards, and would be destined for the market average or mainstream range.

AMD Opteron Zen will use three sockets

Moreover, the market for high performance or Workstation, AMD would have a number of unique processors known as Naples SP3, available in different configurations with 12, 24 and 32 cores. These would use the new socket SP3, being exclusively reserved for Naples processors.

Again it has been Mention the “cluster” Zeppelin ZP containing eight processors Zen cores with 512KB L2 cache and four cores share 8MB Zen of L3 cache.

If this is true, that the four Zen cores share this cache, adding three “cluster” more would result in a version of twelve cores, and two “cluster” of eight cores could create the Naples of 16 cores, three for 24 cores, and four for 32 cores with support for 64 threads, and all based on Zeppelin.

As for the rest of specifications, still they remain top secret, but there is already talk that AMD Zen comes to compete directly with the latest Intel architecture Skylake

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