AMD Radeon Pro SSG

AMD announces an interesting novelty in the segment of professional graphics cards, an area which numbers in hand always requires more hardware resources, especially when we talk about memory.

At the Siggraph 2016 that is taking place at this time, the company showed a new project called Radeon Pro SSG (Solid State Graphics), ie a graphics card that integrates an SSD to ensure an amount of memory above what we used to seeing on the products currently on the market.

Although the market there are cards with 32GB of video memory, to have more memory for data processing it would not hurt. Certainly the bandwidth of a SSD is not comparable to the GDDR5 memory that mount graphics cards, however, this option could only further improve performance and productivity.

AMD Radeon Pro SSG

Here Raja Koduri with a Radeon Pro SSG
There is talk of SSDs with capacities up to 1TB, a drive that will use a PCI-E and will be mounted on M.2 slot present on the card. The GPU of the Radeon Pro SSG will of course be based on the architecture Polaris. Initially, AMD will provide a developer kit is priced at $ 9,999, the market availability on the other hand is expected in the first part of 2017.

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