AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition

Designed to offer users an unprecedented experience, Radeon Software Crimson Edition includes 12 new or improved features to provide users with the ability to get graphics performance up to 20% higher energy efficiency and superior stability on the whole range of solutions AMD graphics. This is the first product born from the commitment of the Radeon Technologies Group, which recently announced an even greater interest in respect of initiatives designed to optimize the software according to the new hardware.
Radeon Software Crimson Edition
“The software is the first point of contact between users and our products, as such deserves to be seen as one of the priorities of the company and we are moving exactly in this direction, offering already with the Radeon Software Crimson Edition an application easy to use and can generate real benefits for the end user, “said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group. “The Radeon Technologies Group is focused on the vertical integration of all aspects of the graphic, with the aim of pushing the industry toward new horizons, create innovative technologies and ensure that the software combined with our GPUs are the best in the world.”
The Radeon Software Crimson Edition includes:
Radeon Setting – new interface and simplified designed for the best performance on AMD graphics hardware, the Radeon Setting interface is easy to use and rich in features for faster access than ever to the main settings, start up to 10 times faster that in the past and initialization times up to 3 times more than the drivers veloci4 AMD Catalyst earlier. It allows you to navigate items and menus in a more intuitive, presents a new game manager and new sections overdrive, video, display and AMD Eyefinity technology, through which users can easily and quickly take action on the main parameters of their video card and have a better user experience;
12 new or improved features: a wide range of new or redesigned give users a better user experience with their games, video and software productivity favorite;
Performance and improved energy efficiency: the Radeon Software Crimson Edition reduces load times by up to 33% of the game, offering performance up to 20% higher and 1.8 times more efficient than previous versions in terms of energy, allowing you to improve up to 23% of the index performance-per-watt system;
Official support for AMD LiquidVRTM: the Asynchronous Compute Engine significantly improves frames per second, responsiveness and application latency of Virtual Reality, for a gaming experience incredibly smooth with all the hardware based on AMD Graphic-Core -Next;
Improved stability: with twice as tests on 15% more system configurations than the AMD Catalyst driver Omega and the implementation of a large number of requests from the community, the Radeon Software Crimson Edition offers exceptional stability in many different fields .

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