AMD Vega 10

AMD steals the spotlight of this end of June, first with Polaris, then with Zen and now with Vega, the next generation of GPU to 14nm GCN architecture that will introduce the Fifth Generation. According to the company declares, through the “boss” of the Radeon, Raja Koduri, work on Vega chip department is well advanced, thus giving further credence to the rumors that they want the GPU on the market by 2016.

Koduri met last weekend in Shanghai one of the team that worked on the Polaris and Vega, confirmed through a tweet that Vega has overcome the difficult period of development.
AMD Vega 10
Unlike Polaris 10:11, Vega in its two variants will be placed on the high end, with Vega 10 positioned against the current Nvidia Pascal GP104 and Vega 11 rather more powerful and probably fighting with GP102 (chip that surely we will find on upcoming GeForce GTX Titan).

At first we will see the Vega 10 market probably mounted on the new Radeon RX 490, tab features 4096 stream processors, 64 CU and 8GB of HBM2 memories (hopefully).

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